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Thread: So, which Dark Souls should I start with?

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    Have you even watched Archer yet?

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    I almost did a couple days ago.

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    To the OP - I suck at hard games, but I was able to finish DS2 recently, thanks to some of the gents here in the forums. Especially Gryzemuis. Check out the last few pages of
    this thread for more details.

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    Demon's Souls if you can, DS1 if that's not an option. The sequels are harder games.

    DS2 upped the difficulty by making most encounters 1 vs many whereas the original was mainly 1v1. DS3 made the games harder by speeding up the combat.

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    I would (highly) recommend what some have already said here:

    Go in order if you can, starting, if possible, with Demon's Souls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renzatic View Post
    Yeah, he's definitely not talking. I think we've made him run away. :P
    I'm still here :P and I decided to just start with DS1.

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    Good. Don't feel bad about taking a look at the wiki if there's something you can't make sense of. I consulted it a lot on my first DS playthrough, and it didn't tarnish the experience.

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    Considering the game does a shoddy job at explaining its many core systems, the wiki can save you a LOT of grief early on.

    DS 1 is a great place to start. <3

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    It wasn’t until sometime after making it to the Undead Settlement that I realised that I could lock on to enemies. Boy was it a challenge before that.

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    Wow I wouldn't make past first bonfire without locking...

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    I consulted the wiki for Demon's and Dark, but I felt kind of cheated by spoiling myself. I didn't look at the wiki for 2, 3, and Bloodborne and that ended up being much more rewarding. That said no shame in playing in the way that best suits you - just wanted to relay that if I could go back in time I would urge myself not to get spoiled and if I got stuck, to just ask questions on the forum instead.

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