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Thread: Thief: The Dark Project 20th Anniversary Contest!

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    Is changing the resolution of a stock texture allowed? Or are we stuck with either endlessly repeating textures at lower scales, or very blurry ones at higher scales?

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    I would say so, as the applicable rule says nothing against it, only about creating textures which are clearly derivative.

    - Contestants can combine existing stock textures to create new ones (terrain/objects/meshes). New textures need to be clearly identifiable as stock derivatives. A description of which textures you used to create new ones is welcome.

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    Thanks, yeah, that's the way we were thinking about it too. Our only concern was whether it would go against the spirit of the contest by not keeping it low-res like the OMs. But if no one objects, our eyes will be pleased, lol.

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    All cool, but even tho i made a mission for thief 2 i have no idea how to do it for thief 1.
    Do i need to use different dromed? is dromed 1.37 ok?

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    See the first post of page 4 of this thread.

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    4. Unzip content from the latest NewDark patch into Thief Gold game folder (overwrite files), excluding 'DromEd.cfg' file
    i have no anywhere, i do have newdark installed

    EDIT: Nvm, i found it.
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    Would any new authors like to collaborate? If your cutting your teeth on Dromed with this contest, I can aid you with your project; just tell me what to do and I'll do it. I have experience building TG missions and extensive knowledge of Dromed. If you're struggling, I can help you get over the hump, whether it's story, architecture, lighting, ambience, etc. Any way I can make your FM a reality.

    I wanted to get involved in this contest, but the current campaign I'm working on wouldn't be accepted due to custom content. I figured this would be a great way to help out a new author, give to this community of wonderful taffers, and get involved in the contest. Let me know if we can work together and make your level what you dreamed!

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    PM'd- I could definitely use help for my currently non-existent mission.

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