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Thread: Thief Gold FMs that aren't full of bugs?

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    Thief Gold FMs that aren't full of bugs?

    I've been trying to find good FMs for Thief Gold but the two I've tried so far have ended up not working. First was Geller's Pride, which had a problem with the alarm going off when it wasn't supposed to, and I was told this was likely to be an issue with NewDark as it's an old mission. Today I tried Lorgan's Web, which worked until the point where I let the guy out of jail and found Cudget. I'm not sure if there's a bug here or if I just did things in the wrong order (I went to the tavern, blackjacked the guard outside, and met that weird lady before finding Cudget), but now the mission appears to be broken (I'll explain in more depth if anyone asks but I'll get to my question).

    Are there any good Thief Gold FMs that have been made in recent years, or just aren't full of bugs? Preferably missions similar to the ones I mentioned above. Houses, mansions, cities, rooftops, etc. Looting human residences. I'm not a fan of zombies and the fantasy stuff like The Haunted Cathedral or The Lost City. Any suggestions?

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    Anything by Skacky and co is excellent and pretty well polished: Between these dark walls, shadow politics, endless rain, chalice of souls.

    If you want to go more old school, Lord Edmund Entertains, The Vigil, Order of the Vine and Calendra's Cistern are all top notch (if a little dated). CC had some new dark issues, but I think they've been resolved. Make sure you get the latest version.

    Sepulchre of Sinestral (by Doaal) is one of my favs, but it's Bonehoard style with lots of undead. But... you can fire up the sequel, Mystery Man, to get similarly fun puzzles without all the zombies.

    Happy taffin!

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    Endless Rain... is a fine mission

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    In the Brief Summaries tables I included footnotes for each mission that suffer from known bugs and wherever possible also included the solution to get the mission running correctly, which usually involves installing a dml or for a couple of missions the old convict.osm.

    Further details of those issues are mentioned at the top of each walkthrough. Whilst less important non-game breaking issues are mentioned within the walkthroughs, usually highlighted in green.

    For example in Lorgan's Web the note about Cudget says:
    Note: This objective can be a bit buggy, you may need to pick Cudget up and replace him on the bed till you get it to work, note also that it can sometimes take a while for the objective to check off.

    IIRC there are 2 beds in Cudgets home and you may have to place Cudget on the correct bed. Did you place him on this one?

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