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Thread: T1 Anniversary Contest - Custom (but legal) shared resources thread

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    T1 Anniversary Contest - Custom (but legal) shared resources thread

    Since the rules of the contest allow for creation of custom textures and ambients which are created solely from stock resources, some of us who have already been creating such assets thought a thread here to share them with everybody would be a good thing.

    I've decided to put my resources in a shared Dropbox folder with appropriate subfolders (fam, snd, etc.), which is here:
    Currently it has two custom ambient loops, three fam textures, and a bitmap which is a frame from one of the stock explosions which I'm using as a corona (which requires it to be in the root bitmap folder and not in bitmap/txt).

    I encourage others who have made custom resources to share them here. I know DrK has made several texture families, and Squadafroinx has made numerous skins (stock skins with extra faces) for use with the reskinnable meshes which is allowed.

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    I made a few textures: a red variant of the column textures in fam/ramirez, some lit versions of previously unlit windows in fam/city, a lit version of an unlit window in fam/ruined and finally variants of BLUSTN and BLUSTNC covered with vegetation.

    I made a few mesh textures as well: a servant (mix of Basso, one of the female servant and the unarmed female thief), a bald aristocrat (mix of Farkus, Ramirez and male OpGuest), a shady-looking merchant (mix of Farkus, Ramirez and Merchant), a noblewoman (mix of female Actress, female OpGuest and Hammerite Priest), and finally two guards (mix of Mage Guards, Bafford Sergeants and Hammerite Priest).

    EDIT (12/10/17): I have made 5 variations on the Bafford guards. They are included in the pack.

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    I shall post my texture packs once they are all ready, I'm halfway through at the moment.

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    Here are some textures I made, a number of variations on church/scroll and an edit of temple/stucbad02 with the stucco removed.

    (the left screenshot uses an unfinished version of nostuc)

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