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Thread: Generic video downloader for Firefox 57

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    Generic video downloader for Firefox 57

    Disabled firefox updates the day FF 57 was released till the essentials get sorted.

    Today, there is only one major niggle left (besides Classic Theme Restorer, which to some degree can be worked around (*)) - "Youtube MP3 Podcaster" (**) wont work in FF 57.

    Before it i used "Video Download Helper", however it turned into complete shit and i had to abandon it for YtMP3podcaster. It appears VDH is FF 57 compatible - however i seriously doubt it has been unshittified. That usually never happens. Leaving it as the last "option".

    Any other alternatives worth a try?

    *) i already do some stuff in userChrome.css / userContent.css / about:config / greasemonkey that i previously used add-on's for.

    **) despite its name - it is actually a generic downloader that works for every site i have encountered.

    PS. Anyone else trying to transition to FF 57?

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    Do you generally download videos from many sites? I only download from YouTube myself, and so I use YouTube Video and Audio Downloader, which has a WebEx version compatible with Firefox 57. It needs you to install some extra programs to automatically combine the (otherwise separate) audio and video streams in HQ YouTube videos, though.

    Like you, I also disabled all updates the day before FF 57 was released. I'm disgusted by Mozilla releasing such a broken, unfinished version as an automatic update. Even more disgusted that I forgot to turn off the updates for my phone and now can't get rid of the hideously white new style and broken theme support there.
    (Luckily, Firefox 58 will at least allow you to get rid of the blindingly bright white top bar)

    There's my earlier rant thread in case you missed it.

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    4K Video Downloader

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    For youtube i use "Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express" (also has HD option, which i however never use) and, funnily enough, "Youtube MP3 podcaster" for anything else (and never Youtube).

    So, yeah, i need a generic downloader (a'la must work on sites like vimeo and our tin-pot-little-country local sites).

    "4K Video Downloader" seems to be some non-firefox thing - so, useless. Right? If not then please give an add-on link (could not find anything that would seem to match at

    In case i was not clear enough - it has to be integrated into FF interface (ie. add-on) and easy to use.

    @Nameless Voice: the completely fucked up user interface is my biggest worry. I 'think' i can fix it, but cannot test without installing the new fucked up firefox. Have you tried the Classic Theme Restorer css hacks for FF57? ( links under "About This Extension" at ... ie stuff currently possible via hacks: )

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    Encountered this:

    I would like to see some telemetry on usage of userChrome.css.

    With the removal of heavyweight themes, I've seen a number of comments from people seeking to recreate such themes by hacking userChrome.css directly. (And a rise in comments from people who have accidentally broken things, or forgot that had made some such change.) This makes me mildly concerned that this may become a ticking timebomb for users, especially since userChrome.css is worse than a theme in many respects (doesn't show up in Firefox UI anywhere, can't be disabled, not minVersion/maxVersion, etc).

    I think it would be sufficient to add some telemetry to nsLayoutStylesheetCache::InitFromProfile() to check is mUserChromeSheer != null, as a signal that the user has created it.

    Bonus points if it's trivial to also to record the size (bytes? lines? # rules? something else?) to help differentiate trivial usage (e.g. hiding a menu item) from complex "theming" usage.
    I hope they do not intend to sabotage the only way left to fix firefox :/. Knowing FF history - i am worried.

    From a WebExtensions point-of-view, I am very interested in this telemetry as well. The use of userChrome.css indicates there is a market need to customize the browser that cannot currently be satisfied any other way.
    No shit Sherlock. Rampant idiocy as usual. At least there is hope that after a year or two they get their heads out of their asses and do the right thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zombe View Post
    Have you tried the Classic Theme Restorer css hacks for FF57?
    I don't think you can use a custom userChrome.css on Android, and I haven't installed the hideous thing on my desktop.

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