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Thread: The Best Games Of 2017

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    The Best Games Of 2017

    It's the most magical time of the year! That's right, it's time to make LISTS OF THE BEST GAMES!

    My Top 15 of 2017

    15. Little Nightmares, by Tarsier Studios

    A physics platformer with good puzzles and nicely done horror tropes that was well worth playing through. Itís like an off-brand Inside.

    14. Robo Recall, by Epic Games

    Epicís shoot em up was a nice introduction to touch-controlled VR gaming. Packs a lot of complexity, cool ideas, and room for experimentation into itís gunfights.

    13. Strafe, by Pixel Titans

    Turned out to be more of a first-person Teleglitch than old-school Quake, which upset a lot of people. Me, I had a lot of fun with it.

    12. Conductor, by Overflow

    An overlooked little VR gem, in which you ride a locomotive through a dark forrest and occasionally stop to do physics-puzzle and clear the path ahead. An atmospheric and fun little game.

    11. Road Redemption, by Pixel Dash Studios/EQ Games

    An action packed arcade racer with a lot of nifty ideas and a permadeath campaign-structure thatíll have you coming back until youíve beaten it.

    10. Freeways, by Justin Smith

    Takes one aspect of city-builder games, namely transportation, and hyper-focuses on it, resulting in some very fun and addictive gameplay.

    9. Night In The Woods, by Infinite Fall

    An adventure game thatís light on the puzzling and heavy on the sass. Effortlessly charming, cool, and heartwarming. This is a game you play not for a challenge, but rather just to hang out with the characters in it.

    8. Hollow Knight, by Team Cherry

    A wonderful metroidvania thatíll pull you deep into itís world.

    7. Ultrawings, by Bit Planet Games

    A VR flying game thatís just the right mix of arcade and simulation. The touch-based input is a novel idea that works beautifully, and each of the airplanes is unique and fun in itís own way.

    6. Rain World, by Videocult

    Is a strong contender to Zelda and Prey for most real-feeling and complex gameworld of the year. The inhabitants of this world are the main feature here. Their unpredictable AI and procedural animation grants them a wildness not seen in many videogame characters. The harsh conditions and un-explained systems of itís gameworld also grants it a realness that more accommodating and handholdey gameworlds lack. Rain World feels like a real place, and it is terrifying.

    5. Super Mario Odyssey, by Nintendo

    A game that's been designed to be a pure joy and make you smile from ear to ear. This game right here, is a good time.

    4. Lone Echo, by Ready At Dawn

    I like games where youíre basically just a working joe, and this is very much that. The combination of a great narrative, immersive gameplay and an innovative new locomotion-system makes this a game that really shows the full potential of VR.

    3. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, by Mimimi Productions
    (Technically a super-late 2016 release, but címon.)

    Fantastic stealth-tactics game with great characters and story. Thoroughly engrossed me for the couple of weeks I played through it.

    2. Zelda: Breath of the Wild, by Nintendo

    A great open-world adventure that does "the hero's journey" very well. You constantly feel like you're improving, preparing for a great showdown. It manages to feel dangerous, while somehow never being too difficult, and it's systems allow for out-of-the-box thinking.

    1. Prey, by Arkane

    I played Zelda quite shortly after Prey, and itís surprising how much my top 2 games of this year feel similar, gameplay-wise, while being completely different in their story and gameworlds. They both allow for lots of experimentation and novel approaches to problem-solving. But whereas Zelda's narrative is a rather simplistic thing, Prey offers complex characters, tough choices, and a narrative that pulled me in and kept me hooked until the end. It's the best immerisive sim since Deus Ex.

    Honorable mentions
    Star Trek: Bridge Crew
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Snake Pass
    Gravity Rush 2
    Spintires: Mudrunner

    I played a bunch of games this year. Perhaps even more than usual since I picked up a couple new gaming systems in the form of Oculus Rift and Nintendo Switch. I just did the math and apparently I finished 28 games this year. I would've finished more if I had but the time!

    Still to play
    Mario+Rabbids, Golf Story, Heat Signature, Darkwood, Assassinís Creed: Origins, Nioh, Rime, Hellblade, What Remains Of Edith Finch, Nier Automata, Persona 5, Yakuza 0

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    Now then, what were your favourite games of the year?

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    Not entirely sure about several of the games I've played this year whether they came out this year. But of the ones I'm sure of, the following 5 definitely belong in my Top 10:

    Dead Cells
    Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
    Tekken 7
    BlazBlue Centralfiction
    Sonic Forces

    There are games on my radar that came out this year, that I haven't played yet but want to such as NieR:Automata, SteamWorld Dig 2, Hand of Fate 2, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice and Pyre.

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    Nice vid, henke. Is that actually you in action, or stock footage?

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    Death Of The Outsider
    Rez Infinite

    I think that's all I've played that came out this year and they were all great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    List of 15 games
    Who are those games?
    ok ok, I know the last two..

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    How about #5? I know it's an obscure title by an up and coming developer by the name of NINTENDO.

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    You've been zajazd'd.

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    I think Mario and Zelda are the only two 2017 games I played in 2017, and they are both excellent. Good list, though, henke. I'll try to check out some of your recommendations.

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    Oh yeah, Aja, you should at least give Prey a go. Like I said, it actually feels very similar to Zelda, in how it gives you a lot of freedom to tackle problems at your own pace, and in your own way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post
    Nice vid, henke. Is that actually you in action, or stock footage?

    I've been using progressively less and less of my own footage for these videos over the years. 2015 it was all my own footage, 2016 it was a somewhat even mix of my footage and trailers, and this year only Night in the Woods and Freeways was my footage, the rest is from trailers. I don't care about showing off my gamerskillz or anything, the main thing I love about making these is trying to match my favourite videogame music of the year to different games and seeing what fits, or at least clashes in an interesting way.

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    I've not played many of 2017's releases. But of what I've played:

    1. Zelda BOTW - I absolutely loved this. I don't know if I'd ever play it again due to the MASSIVE time investment required, but it was an absolute blast. Best Zelda since A Link to the Past, and then some. Best Zelda game of all time easily.

    2. Prey - This game somehow captures that feeling you get when playing System Shock 2, and it does it WAY BETTER than Bioshock ever did. Ending is meh, rest is excellent. I'd have loved to have seen more games in this reboot of the franchise, but that definitely isn't happening.

    3. Battle Chasers: Nightwar - Not a perfect game. You need to farm XP too much, and even then you get your ass handed to you A LOT around the middle section of the game. Then it all gets easy. I've yet to finish this game off (sitting on about 75% done, I think). Combat despite the difficult spikes and drops is still fun, developing up your characters via skill point spending is fun, story is half half, fishing is fun, music - half half. A good game if you love JRPGs (which I do).

    4. Watch Dogs 2 DLCs - My list of 2017 release plays is quite small this year so this made it in there. Doesn't add a whole lot of new content as it's all over really quick (2 hours if that even), but it's ok.

    I don't have a 5th spot so I'm going to add in an extra category:

    Best Non 2017 game played this year:

    Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect - Best FMV game EVER. This game is fantastic, has great acting, top notch graphics and excellent music. It's a trip into a parallel universe where FMV games never died, and I absolutely loved it. Really fun game.

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    I was going to say Dishonored 2 but then I saw that that was from 2016.
    So, yeah, I'm pretty far behind in my gaming queue I guess.

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    Well I just checked through my PC & PS4 purchases this year and noticed that the only 2017 games I've played are the following:

    1. Hellblade. An amazing, disturbing and highly original game that is slightly let down by repetitive gameplay.
    2. DARK SOULS III - The Ringed City. A great way to end the series. Also one of the most visually amazing games ever made.

    1. Sniper Elite 4. I've only played the first 4-5 missions so far. The gameplay is fairly good but feels a bit dated.

    The best games I've played in 2017 (released in 2016 or still early release) are:

    1. Bloodborne - The Old Hunters. The best DLC of all of the Soul's game imo.
    2. Subnautica. This was a Secret Santa gift from Brethren last year. I originally found this to be interesting but not enough to hold my attention. I decided to try this again a couple of months ago after one their big updates and have since sunk over 60 hours into it. The story is really interesting and relies on daring and well planned exploration at times to persevere. There's very little hand-holding, forcing you to rely on experimentation and curiosity to survive and make sense of the game. While I really enjoyed survival in the The Long Dark (survivor mode) I eventually lost motivation to continue after reaching all of the main regions as there was no reason to continue apart from indefinite survival; Subnautica on the other hand helps maintain the players interest through its gradual storytelling, player led creativity, and aforementioned exploration.
    3. The Last of Us - Remastered. The greatest story-driven post-apocalyptic game I've yet played. Great writing and character development. Can't wait to play the sequel.

    1. Hitman . Really well thought out missions, gorgeous locations and amazing attention to detail.
    2. SteamWorld Heist. Charming, original and addictive.
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    Still undecided yet, but one thing I can say is that while Zelda may possibly make my list, I have too many quibbles with it for it to come anywhere near number one.

    It's also been a year where I've been enjoying older games, which is the increasing problem of an expanding backlog.
    Additionally, my game of 2016 is also my most played and loved game of 2017: Hitman. It is still providing thrills and surprises now, and is the perfect game to play for an evening a week, then put down and maybe come back a week or a month later and find something new to do.

    I've poured a lot of time in to Horizon, and while it may initially seem a lot more formulaic than Zelda, I've had a lot more fun with it.
    Okay, it's got awkward dialogue and NPCs, but the combat is so much more compelling than Zelda's. However, what it DOES share with Zelda is that it's simply too fucking long, and I haven't completed either yet.

    Mario is, as henke rightfully says, pure joy. I've "completed" it (ie. fought Bowser), but there's still an awful lot for me to do.
    That and Zelda will probably be what I play most over Christmas, as I'll be taking my Switch with me when I visit the family.

    Superhot VR, Rec Room and Lone Echo are the standout VR titles for me and definitely three of my favourite games this year (although I still need to complete Lone Echo).

    Superhot was pretty good in non-VR form, but VR is where it really comes alive. The whole "time moves when you do" concept is almost perfect for VR, allowing you to stop and think in between actions.

    Rec Room has quickly become a Saturday TTLG co-op stalwart, and for good reason. There's lots of very cool activities to partake in, and any game that can make charades actually fun deserves some kind of accolade. That it's constantly evolving is excellent too. I just wonder how the hell they make any money!

    And I know how inflammatory this will probably sound given we can't even collectively decide on what one consists of, but I think Lone Echo is just about the most immersive immersive sim I've ever played. I have to work myself up to playing it, as it's a very physical experience, but man, is it impressive. Not good for those who suffer vertigo mind you!

    More may come, including Night in the Woods, but that also has been a victim of me not completing it yet. That seems to have become a thing this year. Where previously, I'd almost religiously complete any game I bought, with my ever-expanding library things tend to get put aside when something new and shiny attracts my magpie-like attention.

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    What have I even played this year? Like, Mankind Divided and Invisible Inc. and not much else. *sigh*

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    It seems that I've played three games made this year:

    • Divinity: Original Sin 2, which is a combination of awesome worldbuilding marred by poorly-designed combat systems and balancing and far too much trouser comparison.
    • Headliner, which was interesting and entertaining, but very short.
    • Dawn of War 3, which most certainly doesn't belong on any "best of" lists unless someone is making a "best franchise-killer" list.

    I also played new 2017 DLC for Vermintide, which were solid and also visually impresive, though I'll admit that I had burned myself out a bit on the main game by the time I got around to playing them, so didn't play them as much as I maybe should have.

    Finally, honourable mention to Life Goes On, which wasn't a game from 2017, but which I picked up this year for nearly nothing and got a lot of fun out of.

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    As far as I'm concerned the Dawn of War's finished after the 2nd one.

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    Resident Evil 7 hasn't been mentioned yet, but IMO it's the 3rd best game in the series after REmake and RE4, despite some issues in the final act.

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    If Subnautica counts, I've also put in an absurd number of hours into it.
    I wouldn't say it's best of the year, but I'd say it's the best gaming experience I've had this year with a new game.
    The gameplay advances in tiers, and carries you scene to scene with each one leveling up, so I guess that's why.

    At the start you're just trying to figure out what's going on, getting the basic mechanics down, and exploring your surrounds.
    Then you have to deal with some crises and crafting stuff that lets you explore further.
    Then there's a steady supply of little quests, finding the other pods and what not, and then trying to get onto the ship.
    And from that point, then you're starting to craft some of the bigger stuff, and around now you're starting on a proper base. And once the base building starts, that's a whole other big thing. And then you get a proper sub.
    And from there, then you can start some of the deep exploration and deep story.
    I guess, sticking with the appropriate metaphor, the game will go as deep as you want to go with it, with exploration, building, and story alike.
    And it's still improving update to update.
    It's really the base building that's been the biggest part for me though.

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    It's a crying shame that more people haven't talked about Darkwood on here. It's a great game that ended up being lost in the shuffle of other great games that came out this year, and everyone here owes it to themselves to play it.

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    Of the games I've played, It'd rank my top 10 as;
    1: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    2: XCOM 2: War of the Chosen
    3: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
    4: Dishonored: Death of the Outsider
    5: No Man's Sky post Atlas Rises update
    6: Prey
    7: Card Thief
    8: Streets of Rogue
    9: Resident Evil VII
    10: Tooth and Tail

    My biggest disappointment was Strafe.

    Course the Steam summer sale and Christmas gifts are still on the way so this list could very well change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renzatic View Post
    It's a crying shame that more people haven't talked about Darkwood on here.
    Ah yeah, Darkwood does look great. That and Heat Signature are the two Steam indie titles I'm sorry I didn't get around to this year. I'll probably pick up one of them in the Xmas sale.

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    I found Heat Signature rather meh.

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    I'm gonna change the title here to Best Gaming Achievement of 2017
    Finally completing System Shock 1 + 2.

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    System Shock 2 is so good. Last time NewDark was updated I patched it up then ran it to test my settings, and 4 hours later I forgot what I was doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renzatic View Post
    It's a crying shame that more people haven't talked about Darkwood on here. It's a great game that ended up being lost in the shuffle of other great games that came out this year, and everyone here owes it to themselves to play it.
    Agreed, Darkwood is a great game that is highly underrated. I can't recommend that game enough. Between Darkwood, Resident Evil 7, Prey, and The Evil Within 2 I feel like 2017 was an excellent year for horror games.

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