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Thread: what is something in a fan mission that bothers you

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    what is something in a fan mission that bothers you

    for me it would have to be the use of more then one of the same painting in a mission,this is back when all paintings were one of a kind

    what about everyone else?

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    - Putting heavy junk in chests
    - Putting junk in chests that require long lock-picking
    - Doors that open in your face when the author knows the player will be opening them from that particular side
    - Doors that block your path when you open them
    - Putting mandatory game elements behind secrets without giving the player clear clues
    - Making the player go through long and difficult roping and mantling sequences only for him/her to find out he/she doesn't have the key to continue

    I'll add more when I remember!

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    I absolutely loathe key hunting! You're supposed to be a master thief. Lock picking most doors shouldn't be an issue.

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    Friendly NPCs, if they can be called that. Both because you don't know when their scripting is going to break and unleash a mission-wide riot, and because they usually appear much more lifeless than enemies (obviously, due to most of their responses, those being hostile, disabled).

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    One of it would be unclear or ambivalent clues/readables, which point you to do or look after something in a specific room. You search the whole room and you find "something" and you think "well done, I figured it out". But later you realise that that the readable meant something else (in the same room) and maybe involves a method/movement you have never used before in game.

    Or readables that give unclear description of places where the e.g. important item should be found.

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    What completely annoys me are objectives where you have to find your own equipment stash and don't get a single clue to its location. "Before you go, get your equipment!"

    This really annoyed me in Christine's latest mission and in Godbreaker mission 1, both missions had the equipment hidden, or even a secret room accessed by a hidden switch you had to find.

    But why do I have to search for MY OWN secret room without a clue, when Garrett should know the location? A "get your equipment from your own secret room" objective should always have detailed hints to where you can find that equipment. Garrett knows where it is, and if I as a player don't know where it is and have to search in my own home like a guy with dementia who forgot about his own secret switches, it really breaks my immersion.

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    Usually i don't like mines, caves and forest/pagan sections.

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    Ok, so let's do some raging time :

    Tiny switches... I just HATE tiny switches... TINY SWITCH =/= puzzle, it's just a lazy way to make the secret harder to find in an unfair way and especially when you have no clues or at least riddles to find them and I hate them even more when it's for finding main game elements...

    I hate excessive loot goal. Being forced to find 95% of the loot in a mission is not fun at all and certainly not when the loot is well-hidden. The goal loot should never be be more than 50% of the total loot.

    I hate when I see in a mission guards placed randomly. A guard is a NPC but above all a gameplay element, he must be placed wisely with the property to make him looking alive and passable. If the guard never move then it means the way is the wrong one and this is the think that bother me the most... a non-passable guard in the right way...

    Finaly I hate excessive marble/tiles maniac... This is not fun either... Moving like a snail to avoid being spotted is a challenge but once. When a mission got tiles everywhere I never stop to struggle with this tiny voice that ask me to discard the mission and carry on something funnier to play...

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    Even worse, underwater mazes.

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    Having to fight the undead with no flash bombs, holy water or enough water arrows... usually just try to run for safety!

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    JarlFrank touched on it, but I can't stand it when missions start you out with little to none of the standard equipment. Garrett should always have both lockpicks, sword, blackjack, compass, and a few arrows. Any explanation like "I wanted to travel light" or "Didn't want to look suspicious" are kind of lame. Garrett is a professional thief, he's not going to show up for a job unprepared.

    The only scenario you could justify starting with no equipment would be something like Escape where Garrett has been captured or Trail of Blood where he doesn't return home before starting a new mission.

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    Generally it is getting hopelessly stuck searching for a key or item - life is too short for that shiz

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    i happen to like to have to find equipment in start of mission,adds one layer of game play,if you already had weapons,there would be no use for a weapon shop

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    Missions that end before you have done all the loothunting you want to do. I want a non-misunderstandable 'Go there / Do this' to end the mission. An objective to get back to the start position works fine for me IF the target area is small and there is no easily missed loot there.

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    ^or better yet a mission that end as soon as you complete last objective and it has no exit point at all :P

    when you walk in a room and the light is so low you have to crouch to pass it lol

    has this happen to you=you pull out blackjack and see a guard sleeping in bed,you run to jump on bed as in thief 2 they don't alert when you land on bed,then knock out guard,just to hit head on lamp in room ,forcing your jump to make you land direct in front of the bed on floor waking guard up /reload lol

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    places that look nice & dark but leave your gem lit

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    Mandatory ghosting,definetly not want this in fan missions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by supermikhail View Post
    Friendly NPCs, if they can be called that. Both because you don't know when their scripting is going to break and unleash a mission-wide riot, and because they usually appear much more lifeless than enemies (obviously, due to most of their responses, those being hostile, disabled).
    Usually if NPC's are neutral, they won't freak unless you threaten them.

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    If they have a purse or key, or anything else to steal, and they see you, you have to give them time to forget about you before you can take it. They may have decided you're no threat to them, but you still look suspicious so they'll be on guard for a minute or two.

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    Nearly one guard per room, vanilla resources and old style architecture (boring like hell already).

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    Could you elaborate what you mean by "old style architecture"? Are you talking about almost empty rooms that consist of nothing but one airbrush without any further details (beams, pillars, windowsills, etc.)?

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    Most Fan missions

    i have watched, read the files, etc ...

    almost all of the fan missions keeps saying "not copied from Original thief Missions"
    I have played Thief 1, Gold, and 2 ...
    I have seen most exact maps, settings and mission goals, but adjusted for their own missions ...
    "Not Copied from Original Thief missions" was spoken
    allowed to do that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by icy7rider7 View Post
    almost all of the fan missions keeps saying "not copied from Original thief Missions"
    What are you talking about? Quote it if you can find this anywhere.

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    I think he's referring to the boilerplate disclaimer in most FM readme files which say it was not made or distributed by Looking Glass or Eidos. That's not the same thing of course as being copied from an original mission, although a number of FMs do that and there is nothing wrong with that either.

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    That said, how does it relate to the topic at hand? Is he saying the disclaimer is something that bothers him? And why is he asking "allowed to do that?"
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