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Thread: Thief: The Dark Project 20th Anniversary Contest - Screenshots & Teasers

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    i just hope with in all the fan mission contest i get a amazing variety of the thief art/statues in missions,also included is the wall reliefs designs

    and yes i hope i see that random glow mushroom randomly in missions

    and for lighting of course fire light is key ,but i also like the outdoor magical ball lamps,ohh how i am sadden how magic was slowly phased out of thief

    but there was a bit of magic in thief 2 and thief 3

    so i am going to keep my eye open for magic in fan missions to see if anyone added anything

    hint hint those blue flame floor torches were so under used,the ones that cant be put out by water and give the amazing bluish light off walls

    i am so excited for this contest ,super impressed by all pics so far

    small idea how about one of the you tubers who do videos from this contest forward do a video for all contest missions and if it does well go back to older contest missions and do those in sets,it would show the amazing progression of these amazing artist's have came so far ,also a set of mission from all the authors who have passed as they should never be forgotten

    and yes i know dewdrop was not in thief one,but who's to say dewdrop was not made,he could have been around just not in the story we saw in thief 1

    i watched a thief 3 cutscene where garrett freed laurel from that binding glyph ans her name is pagan !00% she was named after the Laurus nobilis either a evergreen tree or large shrub,might have been related to lilly/birch/minnow
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    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    and yes i know dewdrop was not in thief one,but who's to say dewdrop was not made,he could have been around just not in the story we saw in thief 1
    If the model doesn't exist in T1, using the one from T2 is against the contest rules.

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    once again yandros you are correct

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    Maybe someone can retexture a carrot with enough parts of AI skins to make it for you, downwinder.

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    Awesome work, everyone! I've been playing some T1/Gold missions in preparation for this, brushing up on my burglary skills.
    I would just like to say once again, how lucky we are as a community that we have such a great collection of talented authors/writers/script gurus/voice actors/artists... (and you all haven't buggered off to play Fortnite). An hour playing a fan mission is, and always will be, time well spent. So, I doff my cap to thee taffers....doff....
    Now, where's me blackjack polish?
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    ^^ What Purgy said (I got some spare polish if you need a dollop!)
    So looking forward to the missions being released - awesome work indeed taffers.

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    I wanna see more screenshots!

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    Unfortunately, the scripted effects I had in mind for my mission are proving to be too complicated to figure out (if not impossible) on the Thief 1 engine. To work around that, I'll have to split it up into three missions, but there's a good possibility that only Part 1 would be finished by the deadline. Which means only a simple castle mission instead of the big cityscape I've spent all year on.

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