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Thread: Thief: The Dark Project 20th Anniversary Contest - Screenshots & Teasers

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    Thanks guys, hopefully it's fun enough.
    I realize this probably isn't the place to ask but does anyone have advice for getting a mission tested? I'm not quite there yet but should be this weekend and I don't know what the ordinary procedure is. I've heard that you should go to Shalebridge for testing but I also remember reading that site was having technical problems even though it doesn't seem to right now, so I'm not sure what would be best to do.

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    Testing is usually done on shalebridgecradle. You can ask for beta-testers here on TTLG and add them on shalebridgecradle. Tannar can explain everything in more detail, it's pretty easy.
    Also, super nice screenies you two. Very atmospheric!

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    There is also a new testing forum up at Southquarter, in case Shalebridge is still having problems. Another route some folks use is to create a Discord server and inviting your testers there.

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    Wow. Lots of great stuff.

    Schlock, excellent screen shots. Great T1/TG feel.

    Canít wait to play.

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    Schlock those areas are so well crafted , very beautiful ! if you want i can betatest your contest mission.

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    Cardia - Thank you for the offer, I'd be glad to have you test this mission. I guess I'll make a thread on TEG once I'm ready within the next couple of days and figure things out from there. Unfortunately I can't send PMs yet so you'll just have to see when the thread appears - not like there's any rush.

    bbb - I frequently reference Augustine's Revenge for how to capture the vanilla TG feel, so thanks for that.

    A screenshot to compensate for all this text:

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    thank you so much for those lighted windows,love to know the thief world is populated

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    Last minute FM

    Making good progress on my very last minute FM. This is my first FM apart from one I was working on before scrapping it for this.

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    Woah that looks pretty good!

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    all i know is i see wood beams around so i hope to get a rope arrow for some views :P,looks great

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    The spare details and the strong brush architecture give it an authentic early fan mission vibe. Cool!

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