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Thread: Dark Souls Remastered

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    I'm eager to see if/when any of the classic mods for the original game make it into the remaster. Darkroot Garden just wouldn't be the same without vurt's flora overhaul mod, and from what I've read I doubt the remaster enriched the foliage to the same degree as vurt's mod. The classic texture mods may be better than the remastered textures as well.

    Regardless, I'll buy it for the same reason Malleus described: It's just the way forward for Dark Souls multiplayer. I'm not as into the multiplayer as Malleus, but I still love occasionally helping people take down tough bosses or fend off invaders. Plus I'll admit the irrational emotional weakness of just loving Dark Souls, so I just gotta have it. *shrug*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twist View Post
    The classic texture mods may be better than the remastered textures as well.
    Well, this probably won't be true to all textures, but there are confirmed cases where the Remaster has fundamentally improved textures, like this:

    Without DSFix
    With DSFix
    DS Remastered

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    I guess what I mean, though, is how will the new remastered textures compare to the HD textures in a mod like this one? I wouldn't be surprised if someone out there has done a comparison, but I haven't seen it. (I haven't looked very hard either.) And will the vegetation be upgraded like in vurt's mod?

    I mean, I'm buying it anyways. It'll just be interesting to see how the remastered version compares to a fully tricked out install of the original. And then it will be interesting to see if some of those mods come over to the remastered version so we can have the best of both worlds.

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    DSR PC has some technical problems. The game crashes on monitors that don't have 60Hz refresh rate. Also the game speed is tied to fps with 60 being the base. Which means if your fps dips, the game slows down. Shouldn't be a problem as it's well optimised, but still, wtf. Just a heads up. Also game files come unpacked in this version, so old sound and texture replacement mods will likely work here too. What we don't know is whether the anticheat picks up on that or not, since it was possible in previous DS games to get softbanned for certain mods. The community will have to test this. Old cheat engine hacks work flawlessly though, so that's great!

    I haven't bought it yet, btw.

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    Just had my first 15 minute play of the remaster on PC. First impressions...

    So far I've beaten the Asylum Demon and taken a quick look outside, but haven't really noticed much of a difference apart from an abundance of ghost activity and an improvement to the look of the in-game player character. The gameplay appears to be more responsive now, although I'm playing as a Wanderer for the first time so am still getting used to how much faster he is than the enemies in the Asylum.

    On the negative side, while the upgraded textures do look good in most areas, they don't appear to have touched all of them and in some places the contrast between the two can be somewhat jarring; ditto for the enemies. The audio also sounds tinny at times.

    I'll write more once I've had a bit more of a play with it. I was going to get this for the PS4 instead however given the price discount and my Steam Link I'll probably just stream it to the lounge room if I feel like playing it on the couch. Not sure about getting it for the Switch yet either.

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