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Thread: Nioh first playthrough videos

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    Nioh first playthrough videos

    Figured I'd make a thread for this, because why not. I have a video card with shadowplay now so it's easier to record - with the feature that records constantly and I can just save when I succeed (I had to manually start recording when I did the Dark Souls 2 SL1 run).

    Anyway, here are the first two bosses.

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    Looks awesome. Makes me wish I picked it up during the last sale.

    Though what's the deal with that ghost shark floating around the bonfire?

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    That is my dropped Amrita (which is the main resource in this game, like souls in DS), so that "bonfire" is the equivalent of Dark Souls' bloodstain, and the shark is my current guardian spirit. There are multiple types with various advantages. When you die, the spirit stays with the Amrita and you can't use certain spirit related abilities until you pick it (your "souls" and your spirit) back up. If you die again without having picked it up, the Amrita is lost, and your spirit returns to you.

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