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Thread: Squirrel Script Developers List

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    Squirrel Script Developers List

    I'm going to go out on a limb about squirrels and nuts, and suggest that not every mission author can write their own scripts. Just like before with C++ scripts, I believe that there are some folk who have or are acquiring the specialized knowledge and skill necessary and are willing to help the rest of us. So, I suggest that we make a stickied list of those folk willing to get squirrelly in support of others so that when we have needs for nuts we know who to PM and ask for help.

    I would model it on, perhaps, the available voice actors list.

    While I'm on the subject, similar lists would be of great help for finding object modelers, ambient music developers, texture artists, and people with other areas of specialized talent. What do you all think? Moderators? Would you back creation of such lists?

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    I won't sticky this thread, but as is the norm here, I will add it to the sticky Resources for Authors thread if we actually get a list of available Squirrel scripters going in here.

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