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Thread: Thief Deadly Shadows level editor help please

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    Thief Deadly Shadows level editor help please

    When I click on the Thief 3 editor icon, I get this window pop-up that is searching for a file called "Find sound vocabulary" It wants me to search for a vocabulary file or when I click on all files, I view more game files of the Thief Deadly Shadows directory, but I can't find that exact file it is searching for. So I click cancel, nothing happens. I have Thief Deadly Shadows installed with the Sneaky Upgrade patch and the level editor installed, I followed directions, but now I'm lost. I hate to redo everything from scratch, but I guess whatever I did wrong, I need better instructions I guess.

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    It looks like something went wrong copying the game - along with the EditorRes and Shaders folders in your screenshot there ought to be a Data folder, which comes from the game. Starting from scratch will be easier than figuring out what's missing:

    1. Uninstall the Sneaky Upgrade (otherwise the desktop icon might not get updated). Delete the old copy
    2. Let Steam verify your game, just to be absolutely sure everything there is in order
    3. Copy the game. The location you're using is fine
    4. Unpack the editor into the copy again. Better compare at this point and make sure the content looks the same as the original
    5. Install the Sneaky Upgrade again
    6. Launch the editor from the desktop. It should start up after a short while with one large and one small window, but no dialogs

    Edit: I saw your post over at TDM. As long as you have questions about installing, posting here is fine - I'll try to help. But I can't help with mapping questions, so for those try posting here (and if no response there you can try TDM off-topic again).

    Btw. I have to agree with what was said over there - much as I'd like to see another T3 FM, at this point it would be more rational to learn Dark Radiant and TDM.
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    Thanks for letting me know. By the way, I saw on that there are only 40 fan missions available for Thief Deadly Shadows, that should tell you something that the game is not very popular like Thief Gold and Thief 2 are. It's kinda disappointing, there should be more for that game, but sadly not enough people play it I guess.

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    First of all, stop posting every few minutes or so in every subforum or section, you won't get your answer this way. There are very few people still using T3ED, so it might take a few days before you get a reply. Second of all, the best way to make sure everything works is, as Snobel mentioned, install T3, run it and play for a while, copy the whole install into separate "T3ED" folder, run Sneaky Upgrade for the game, and SU for T3ED. Make sure paths to game and editor folder don't have spaces. Also, you seem to use win 10, a few users reported multiple issues with it. It's best to use win 7 or even win xp (via VM) for better compatibility.

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    I was told on the TDM site that I'm better off using The Dark Mod instead of figuring out how to get T3Ed to work properly. They recommended it to me so I can use my time wisely to use that since it has better support than T3Ed. But it never hurts to try. I want to use both programs actually, but I'm patient it can still work.

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