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Thread: Nightdive Studios Takes a Dive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by heywood View Post
    1024x768 is ideal, and it was supported from beginning in the original game.
    no it isn't, and the original game (cd version) is limited to 640*480. and yeah, I believe he is (trolling), so I think we are done here for the time being - though I'll probably edit this post once a windows port is available and add a bunch of screenshots, maybe a video and/or some performance comparisons. just so that more people can have a little laugh.

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    Supposedly, support for 800x600 and 1024x768 were built into the original CD-ROM version of the game, but disabled for performance reasons. Sheesh.

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    that still means the max was 640*480 - we will know this (and many other things) for sure once the code is out. also, maybe you should consider stopping, because the more of this you post, the funnier you'll look once that happens.

    or don't - I really don't care about people making fools of themselves. anyway, I'm outta here for now.

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    Anyway, on Discord, Stephen Kick said there would be an update at the end of the month. Also, says that the project is fine, financially. Some of his recent comments:

    We're actually talking about releasing some of the physical rewards early as a "thank you" for everyones patience and understanding.
    We have some other tricks up our sleeves as well.
    At this point, if we can get a discount on rewards due to volume, i don't see why we wouldn't give extra goods to higher tiers. Don't quote me on that just yet, but I would like to do that.
    When Doublefine did their KS the backers received some physical goods a few years before the game shipped. I'm just considering doing something similar.
    Also, we're financially sound and development is going better than ever.
    We will be doing a Kickstarter update at the end of the month, we're preparing for GDC and will have news to share.
    The original Polygon article was a result of an ex contractor, who has been off the project for over a year going to the press with rumors that aren't true.
    We had to make some substantial changes to the team to begin with and the timing of the contactor going to the press was really unfortunate.
    Thanks for your continued patience and understanding, I think when you all see what we're working on you'll be not only relieved but thrilled at the direction we're going.
    We've been doing this for over 5 years now and this is our flagship title. It's going to be the greatest example of what we're capable of and we're going to do it right.
    We're doing this for our backers, you guys and gals deserve the game you backed.

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    Soon to be done - The game is turned into a top down action shooting game. People lose their minds.

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