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Thread: Nightdive Studios Takes a Dive!

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    Registered: Sep 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by heywood View Post
    1024x768 is ideal, and it was supported from beginning in the original game.
    no it isn't, and the original game (cd version) is limited to 640*480. and yeah, I believe he is (trolling), so I think we are done here for the time being - though I'll probably edit this post once a windows port is available and add a bunch of screenshots, maybe a video and/or some performance comparisons. just so that more people can have a little laugh.

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    Supposedly, support for 800x600 and 1024x768 were built into the original CD-ROM version of the game, but disabled for performance reasons. Sheesh.

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    that still means the max was 640*480 - we will know this (and many other things) for sure once the code is out. also, maybe you should consider stopping, because the more of this you post, the funnier you'll look once that happens.

    or don't - I really don't care about people making fools of themselves. anyway, I'm outta here for now.

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    Anyway, on Discord, Stephen Kick said there would be an update at the end of the month. Also, says that the project is fine, financially. Some of his recent comments:

    We're actually talking about releasing some of the physical rewards early as a "thank you" for everyones patience and understanding.
    We have some other tricks up our sleeves as well.
    At this point, if we can get a discount on rewards due to volume, i don't see why we wouldn't give extra goods to higher tiers. Don't quote me on that just yet, but I would like to do that.
    When Doublefine did their KS the backers received some physical goods a few years before the game shipped. I'm just considering doing something similar.
    Also, we're financially sound and development is going better than ever.
    We will be doing a Kickstarter update at the end of the month, we're preparing for GDC and will have news to share.
    The original Polygon article was a result of an ex contractor, who has been off the project for over a year going to the press with rumors that aren't true.
    We had to make some substantial changes to the team to begin with and the timing of the contactor going to the press was really unfortunate.
    Thanks for your continued patience and understanding, I think when you all see what we're working on you'll be not only relieved but thrilled at the direction we're going.
    We've been doing this for over 5 years now and this is our flagship title. It's going to be the greatest example of what we're capable of and we're going to do it right.
    We're doing this for our backers, you guys and gals deserve the game you backed.

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    Soon to be done - The game is turned into a top down action shooting game. People lose their minds.

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    Nightdive talks System Shock remake's change in direction, expects release 'probably Q1 of 2020'

    So we might get a System Shock remake, maybe in two years.

    Sounds like a winner!...

    I've made a poll to see what everyone thinks about this.

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    Where's the "How the eff would I know?" option? Lol. Anyway, I'd call that good news, overall. Better than "indefinite hiatus" anyway. ...Unless it's not true.

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    If I put in the "How the fuck would I know" option, then that wouldn't be any fun...

    The idea is for one to use their prediction skills, by utilizing whatever variables that are consciously available.

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    Predicting a high degree of uncertainty is an undervalued ability.

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    "We understood based on the backer feedback, especially, that we weren't going in the right direction with the game, what we promised to them," Kick said. "That's what really caused the shift in what we're doing now, which is going back to what we'd established and represented with the Unity demo."
    Hmm... isn't this exactly what people asked? Why all the gloom and doom, then?

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    No...The fans and backers didn't ask them to waste almost two years on a misguided and unethical use of their funds, only to leave people twisting in the wind and praying that in another two years they'll have the integrity and resources to complete the project successfully.

    ...and they definitely didn't ask for a smurfed SHODAN!...

    Yet, you can vote how you wish.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pyrian View Post
    Predicting a high degree of uncertainty is an undervalued ability.
    An "undervalued ability" of being a party-pooper...

    The degree of perceived uncertainty is relative to the awareness of existing variables and probabilities.
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    How do you know the two years were an unethical use of the funds? How do you know what portion of funds was used for what? You are simply assuming bad intent.

    A lot of projects go off the rails or beyond their scope. That's very common in game development. And Night Dive is paying for that, not the backers.

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    I always cringe when someone proposes to remake something I love (movies, games...) but then they try to make it 'better'. Because making it 'better' usually means making something completely different from the original. All I wanted, and backed up, was the old game remade in a modern engine. That's all. Not new levels/maps, new enemies, new logs (meaning new stories). If that was all they were doing, it would be done by now. So at this point I'm very sceptic that I'll get what I was hoping for.

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    I have good news for you then.

    it also might be noteworthy that NDS are aware of the project, and allowed it to exist as long as the "System Shock" name is not used anywhere (which is pretty much two places, the main screen and the outtro), so lets maybe hold off with all the flak for the time being?

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    Also, there was talk of the source code coming soon? Like, real soon?

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    yes, there were three confirmations on Discord in the last few weeks that the source code is coming (with the next status update), both the original and another (wip?) version they have been working on in the last couple of months.

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    So I guess the earliest we'll be seeing System Shock is 2020? What's a few more years. At least it'll beat The Winds of Winter, right?

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    An update with more info is coming next week, apparently.

    Edit: Friday, April 6th to be more precise.
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    April update...


    At this current moment in time, how many things are you planning to change within the game in regards to story, gameplay, and level design?

    The story is going to remain unchanged but with the additional logs/emails added in from the backers of the CITADEL CREW MEMBER pledge. Gameplay will be very similar to what you experienced in the original game with the largest difference being the UI which is a hybrid of Shock and Shock 2.

    What changes do you think NDS will be making with the remake's direction in terms of its style and feel?

    We’re going to be re-visiting the style and feel of the original game. I personally feel as though we hit the mark the first time and by applying what we’ve learned while working in Unreal we can achieve a similar look and feel but with enhanced performance. Our intent with the art direction so far is to bring more of the vibrant colors of the original game while keeping the oppressive atmosphere of a rundown Citadel Station. We’re even incorporating some old school techniques like using sprite sheets for the animated computer screens.

    While the remake is certainly getting made, I had the sense that it will be somewhat pared back compared to the original expanded-upon-the-original vision we heard about in earlier updates. Will this mean a game more akin to the original - closer to a 1:1 remake, or will there still be some expansion on the original System Shock's story and concept?

    This will be closer to a 1:1 remake with updates to the weapon/character designs but without altering the core gameplay of the original. Expect to see something resembling the direction of the Unity demo.

    Has the KS funding pool been toasted, if it has, can you sustain the investment required to get to the end 2019 timeline from your residual revenues (or will this potentially mean the project takes longer as funds have to trickle in)?

    We still have the funds necessary to complete the game, but the timeline will inevitably move back with our shift in direction.

    Is there prospectively more risk of slippage past 2019 (if so, best brace for it nice and early)? What is the exit plan if the project becomes non-viable?

    Yes, at this stage the game could slip past 2019. Our only plan is to finish the game and deliver on the promise we made to our Kickstarter backers.

    Which people still work on the SS1 reboot, as of now?

    I’ve personally taken over as game director and I am now leading a team of developers, some of who worked on the original System Shock and the Unity demo.

    Are you willing to share some details on why/how no successful publishing deal has been achieved yet, and how do you guys think you will still be able to get a publishing deal going in the future?

    I am, but those details will be part of an exhaustive Post Mortem I’ll share once the game has shipped.

    At what point in time, roughly, had NDS realized scope creep had hit the project?

    It was soon after the Kickstarter when the team offered many suggestions that seemed great on their own, but in aggregate represented too much of a departure. However, I approved the proposed changes in scope after receiving positive feedback and a verbal commitment from a publisher to fund the game and the new design we submitted. We promised a bigger, better game and we were told that the game was going to be funded beyond the amount we raised on Kickstarter. Unfortunately, that deal fell through 7 months later for reasons we are still not clear on. To put it bluntly, we were left high and dry after making crucial, consequential changes in staff and scope.
    This attitude, along with the recent release of the source code, is a positive signal...although, they have yet to prove themselves to be able to maintain course and follow through.

    Time will tell.

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    If you look over at the comments to that update, people completely lost their shit at the last bit in the Q&A, as it effectively said that if the publisher deal had gone ahead and they'd got the cash, then they'd have completely gone against the KS pitch and given us the game they thought was better, rather than what they proposed.

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    I have to say I was pretty surprised by how that final Q&A was worded -- the backer reaction to reading that could have been predicted by anyone, so the "poor us, we got shafted" tone was quite astoundingly disingenuous for someone who is (or at least should be) in full damage-control mode.

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    I'm a bit unclear on that timeline. How much time passed between the end of the kickstarter and the verbal publisher promise ("it don't mean nothing 'til they sign it on the dotted line")? How long did they keep going after the deal fell through? Either way it looks bad.

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    The new screenshots are definitely more on the remastered path than total remake, I'm happy with those. I can't wait to see the Executive, Security, and Systems Engineering levels though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by terrannova View Post
    The new screenshots are definitely more on the remastered path than total remake, I'm happy with those. I'd really like to see the Executive, Security, and Systems Engineering levels though. Why after all this time are we still just showing off the Hospital level?
    Drip. Drip. Drip. That's how the marketing can be. It's often the case for projects that have a huge amount of anticipation attached to them. Teasing is effective at stoking that interest. It works for me.

    As far as the look of the level, the newer dev. videos were cool and all. The problem for me with them was the scale of the station would have to be enormous just with the reactor level they showed. That would mean a lot of bloat to the play space. The scale of the original game was fine and should be maintained. I have a hard time keeping my disbelief suspended as it were when games areas are like the TARDIS. Bioshock is a good game, but all those skyscrapers are just for show. The game world is a corridor shooter. No realism to the layout at all comparing to the introduction of the cityscape.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Schoonmaker View Post
    Ahh yes, the Time and Relative Dimension Antelope Slamdance.

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