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Thread: Golf Story (Nintendo Switch)

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    Golf Story (Nintendo Switch)

    Golf Story is basically a JRPG with golfing instead of combat, and hilarious writing. There's something about text-dialogue-only games (Undertale, Lisa, Golf Story) that makes them work well for comedy. Leaving the delivery to the players' minds sometimes makes it even funnier than if it were delivered by fully voiced, motion-captured actors. The story is about a young man who aspires to golfing greatness. His quest soon gets him involved with a shady golf club owner who wants him to spy on rival golf clubs in exchange for training. There's tons of sidemissions and I'm kind of amazed at how much mileage they've gotten out of the basic golfing mechanics in the various mission types. The meat of the game, the golfing, is really good. You have to account for spin, wind direction, obstacles and sometimes even elemental dangers, such as molerats that steal your ball if it ends up too close to them. Started playing it a few days ago and so far I've made it to the 3rd golf course. Loving it so far!

    It's currently only out on Nintendo Switch, but it's by a 3rd party developer, so no reason why it shouldn't come to other platforms later. They currently have "no plans" for other platforms, but that might just be them keeping mum so as not to hurt sales of the Switch-version.

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    I finished this a while ago, it gets even better from where you are Henke.

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    I got about halfway through this, and then got distracted and haven't returned yet. But yes, a really good game, they do mix up the courses well by continually adding new obstacles and varying elements. And overall the game just has a lot of personality. I don't think you don't need to be a golf fan (or fan of golfing games) to get into it either.

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    Indeed. I'm of course a big fan of sidescrolling 2D golf games(Desert Golfing, Super Stickman Golf 2), but I've not really been into any 3D golfing game(which this, despite 2D graphics, certainly is) before this one.

    I do remember playing some other 3D golfing games way back in the day but I didn't really see the charm in them back then. I mostly just played them like Bart plays Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge.

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    Aced the Wellworn Grove Open!

    On it’s 9 holes I got 2 pars, a bogey, and 6 birdies.

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