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Thread: Unable to pick gold-colored lock in Thief: Deadly Shadows

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    Unable to pick gold-colored lock in Thief: Deadly Shadows

    I purchased the Steam version of Thief: Deadly Shadows.....and installed the "Thief 3 Sneaky upgrade." Up until VERY RECENTLY, I had experienced NO problems or issues with this game. However, sometime after the "Clocktower Mission," an 'upgrade' becomes available: The acquisition of the 'gold colored lock.' I had never experienced ANY issues picking any of the PREVIOUS locks. However, I am ABSOLUTELY UNABLE to pick the 'gold colored lock.' I have researched EVERYTHING regarding this issue: I have 'googled' this subject, I have researched other online forums....I have tinkered with ALL of my settings in the actual game (V-Sync, monitor refresh rate, turning off certain settings, etc.) to no avail.

    Does anyone ANYWHERE have ANY idea as to why I am unable to pick the 'gold lock' in Thief: Deadly Shadows?

    To reiterate: It is ONLY the "gold colored lock" than I am unable to pick -in Thief Deadly Shadows- so far...

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    Hmmmm... I vaguely recall this kind of issue. And it actually works as desgined.
    With those 10 circles for the goldlock showing up, Garrett is expected to demonstrate some more precission than with the other locks.
    Therefor try the following: do not move the lockpicks too far from the center.
    Once you find the right angle, stay on that angle and move the mouse towards the center or back toards the outside.
    The amount of wiggeling of the lockpicks will change and once low enough, the ring will finally snap.

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    Thanks for your response. I have tried everything -to no avail. It's possible that this glitch won't prevent me from completing this game: So far, I have only found GOLD locks in Auldale......and in no other places in this game. SO FAR, I have not found any GOLD locks (on chests or on doors) in any missions.

    It is very strange that I might be the only 'boy' who has EVER had this issue -who has ever played this game.

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    Been a long time but the way I remember it is, all the other locks work like a circle that you move the mouse around the outside of, but with the gold ones, the right spot can be anywhere on the inside of the circle as well. Hope that helps. Also maybe youtube it?

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