Hey folks,

I recently wanted to replay this game with stereo 3d enabled. It worked before and even though I didn't change a thing it now barely starts. I mean it does start, but every second it reapplies the resolution, the video sound is heard for half a second, then 2 seconds break and all over again.

Here's my specs:
AMD FX8350
GeFore 750 Ti

Two "monitors" are attached to the graphics card. A Sony Bravia TV with 3D enabled and a Denon AVR for the sound. Usually they get a cloned signal.

The nVidia driver is up to date and I even tried different versions of screen arrangement. Only the TV, no amp, cloned or extended. All the same results. However, when I set the game out of focus (Alt+TAB) the audio at least runs smoothly and I can use he desktop without problems. Just when I get back into the game the stuttering starts again. I wonder what was different when it worked - like half a year ago.

Also, other games work flawlessly in 3D so it's not the setup itself. Maybe a configuration issue.

Anyone with an idea?