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Thread: T2 Fan Mission Lootlists

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    T2 Fan Mission Lootlists

    Complete Lootlists for all the T2 missions 2000-2001.

    Lists include loot & keys for all difficulties, as well as objective solutions and secrets, but Easter Eggs are not revealed

    2000 Missions
    2001 Missions

    With 850+ missions it will take 2-3 years to complete this project, but I may as well post each years lootlists as I complete them. These first 2 years have taken me 7 weeks to do, but as the missions get more complex so things will slow down, so don't expect 2002 lootlist for another couple of months.

    1. Although I made every effort to be as accurate as possible, it is all too easy to make small errors, ie. stating NE instead of NW, so please report any such errors and I'll get them amended.

    2. I have classified the missions in the year that they were first released, even if there was a significant re-release in a later year.

    3. I usually only played each mission just once, so there may be some missing loot on those difficulties I did not play on. More often or not if there is missing loot in a mission, it is missing on all 3 difficulties, but on occasions loot does go missing when playing via Newdark on one difficulty, but be present on other difficulties.

    Thanks to Athalle for granting me permission to use her maps.

    Thanks to Unna Oertdottir for all the dml's she has supplied and answering all my Dromed questions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fortuni View Post
    PS. Unna you PM box is full and I have another couple of dml request for you.
    Sorry. It's always full. Deleted many PMs.

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    Thank you! The tireless fortuni, always working on something for Thief's world.
    Thanks also to Unna

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    Fortuni, thank you so much for this! Your work ethic is boundless and your contributions to the community are beyond measure!

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    Is there a reason you are starting from scratch?

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    Because you need to start somewhere and the early ones tend to be nice and easy to do, I can do 5-6 a day of the smaller ones, but the larger more complex missions take 2-3 days to do each.

    I'm also reporting all playing issues and missing loot to Unna, so where possible a dml can be produced and it's predominately the older missions that need fixing.

    But if required I could accept requests for individual missions from the later years.

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    I think he means that there's loads of existing lootlists for a lot of missions already which you wouldn't need to create, just copy.

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    I am referring to those lootlists when compiling mine, but there's about 850+ missions and only about 250 lootlists, most of which are compiled for expert difficulty only, and they rarely list all the keys and authors regularly place keys in different locations when playing on normal and hard, than where they are on expert. So for a lot of players those lootlists can be more than misleading.

    As well as that I have found numerous errors in a lot of them, many are incomplete and most give only vague locations of loot, such as main bedroom: gold ring, which is bleeding useless information if you can't actually find it.

    Anyway I'm enjoying myself, doing things like this is my hobby. I get more fun out of doing these walkthroughs, lootlists, Brief Summaries than I actually get from playing the missions, if that makes sense.

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    Are you unemployed again or something?

    Yeah, I know you're working your socks off and doing this in your spare time so my very grateful thanks for these. I'll add this to the Links thread.

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    Ah I gotcha. I thought Ricebug had some pretty solid guides though for these earlier years already.

    Speaking of fixing, was a DML done for Shadow Business to add ambient light? It really improves that mission considerably - tough and fun for the right reasons.

    Oh and are you only focusing on Thief 2 missions?

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    Can't change ambient light with dml. This requires optimization. I wouldn't do it anyway. It's a design decision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceblade View Post
    Ah I gotcha. I thought Ricebug had some pretty solid guides though for these earlier years already.

    Oh and are you only focusing on Thief 2 missions?
    Ricebug walks probably only have approx 20% of lootlists, a lot of which list the loot in text only walkthroughs, so sometimes you have to read as many as 15+ pages of text to find one item of missing loot. It's also the earlier lootlists that are the ones full of errors and omissions as the early compilers just recorded what they found when playing missions without using Dromed to find the missing loot..

    And yes these are T2 lootlists, I have already done lootlists for every T1/TG/T3 mission, you'll find them in their respective walkthroughs.

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