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Thread: Nightdive Studios resurfaces!

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    Bunch of stuff gathered from Discord discussions:

    On body awareness:

    It's something that we've considered, but it's not a priority as it adds a lot of extra work and difficulty in more areas than you'd expect.

    Having full body awareness that actually adds to the experience requires having no part of it distract you, which is very difficult.

    We decided that it works best for the game to remove as many layers of separation between the player and the hacker as possible.
    On the HUD:

    there will definitely be a good variety of hud customization. As for specific options, the only thing that is fully decided on is hud tint and transparency.
    How the UI is being built:

    UMG* with some custom mesh widgets I've implemented that support some nifty procedural effects.

    The EKG code that I wrote for Unity is coming back. I prefer writing code in C/C++, and as such the mesh widgets are written in C++. There are other things we are doing with the HUD that I'll leave as a surprise - especially since things might change.
    * Unreal Motion Graphics UI Designer
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    If he'd stuck with Unity the UI would have been easy to imolement thanks to stuff like nGUI.

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    Are UIs difficult to implement with UMG?

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    No, they are not.
    It's a visual editor that lets you lay out the different UI elements easily, and has handling for things like basic interaction and resolution-based scaling.

    UIs were a bit harder to implement in the early days of UE4, before they added UMG.

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    Call me stupid but, which one is the UE4 screenshot? The top one?

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    All of them.

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    I would guess in each screenshot the UE4 version is the top half while the old Unity version is the bottom half. I recognize the lead pipe model in two of those shots from the old demo.

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