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Thread: T2 FM Evendale

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    P.S.: Just noted two weird graphic bugs that only occur with NewDark (v1.25), but not with Thief 2 v1.18. The key to Mr. Wassergibt's room is colored blue in v1.18, but silver or grey in NewDark v1.25. The pyramid inhabitant's tail is not present when playing with NewDark v1.25. Nothing serious, though.

    These problems are present even if I remove the DML file and restart the mission, so that file is not causing it.

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    I remember the changing key colour has been mentioned somewhere. The texture is "Rustkey.gif" and "RustkeyB.gif" (RES-->obj/txt/Rustkey(B).gif) and it appears grey/rusty when you open it in a viewer.
    Might be a palette issue in NewDark or OldDark.
    -Updated the resources
    -Fixed FrobInfo on two more torches (thanks for the hint, Glypher)

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    Newdark definitely changed the colour of keys. If you read many of the earlier walkthroughs they regularly mention blue keys, which you can also view in a number of screenshots, those blue keys now show as grey when playing via Newdark.

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