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Thread: Can anyone recommend me some hammerite FMs?

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    Can anyone recommend me some hammerite FMs?

    I really love the hammerites. Are there any good FMs with hammerites that remind you of Cragscleft or Undercover? I'm aware that the FM list thread has a section for hammerite FMs, but there is a lack of ratings or reviews or even any information at all about a lot of FMs, and the list is a bit out of date in general.

    This should go without saying but I want living hammerites, not a Return to the Cathedral style mission.

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    Why not just dive into that list, and see what's on offer? You could give your own ratings and reviews after, if you like. There are some absolute gems out there, we would love to hear your thoughts.
    Most people here are eagerly awaiting fms for the 20th Anniversary contest. Perhaps this could be an opportunity to re-vist some of those older missions, a retrospective fm festival of sorts (hmmm, that's an idea).
    If you are desperate though, try Morrgan's (Maria Ström) 'The Saint of Redmound'.
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    i just got done playing "so long hammers" good mission,deeper then it looks

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Black Cat View Post
    Are there any good FMs with hammerites that remind you of Cragscleft or Undercover?
    How about Escape From Hammer Hill?
    If I remember right Hammterite's Brutality is a jail mission, too.
    Or Hammered?
    If you are tired of all these FMs make a cure and play the first mission of Reunion With Basso where you can visit a spa run by Hammerites.
    My FM campaigns Garrett's Young Years XTra, Reunion With Basso
    Want your upcoming FM translated in foreign languages?

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    Returning a Favor, Trial by Night, The Vigil, Events in Highrock, Information, The New Cathedral, Tears of Blood, all have hammerites here and there.

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    Although there is a small section with an undead enemy, the majority of the mission revolves around living Hammerites.

    The Drymian Codex.

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    I highly recommend "Cathedral of St. Vincent."

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    Hedgerows and Hammerites....
    nice little garden and crypt mission if you want about 15 min diversion...

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    I really love Hammerite missions too, so I developed a list of Thief 1/G FMs dealing with hammerites and played in a somewhat sensiable order. It was really fun raiding some many of their compounds in this manner.

    Here is the list of missions in the order I set:

    Friends in Shadow
    The Loom of Doom
    The Hand of Glory
    The Phoenix hath Risen

    Library (really fun early mission)
    The Saint of Redmound
    Monastery of St. Fera (its okay, but it suffers from a very meh design and incomplete areas - not many bugs though. Definitely should play the updated T2 version or The Drymain Codex)
    Information (sequel to Monastery of St. Fera)
    Rose of Bantry (really good ship in this one)
    Talisman of the Keepers - actually is a Hammerite mission
    Returning a Favour (fantastic FM - amazing T1/G FM)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spyrano View Post
    The mother of all Hammerite missions

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    Third Times the Charm is excellent, recommended.

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    Another one by the same author: The Plot Thickens

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