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Thread: Portalization Bell - Replace or Remove?

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    Portalization Bell - Replace or Remove?

    I'm pretty much constantly portalizing in Dromed to see how things look. I texture as I go, adjust lighting, etc, etc...

    Is there a way to remove or replace that ringing bell sound? I'm guessing it was useful in 2000, but as fast as computers are now it's pretty much just an annoyance. To the point that I click away from the window every time I portalize to avoid hearing the loud ring.

    So is this something we have a method for?

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    In your Thief2 folder look for portalize.cmd and optimize.cmd. In each of those files you'll see which line needs to be deleted. Always leave a blank line at the end of the file.

    If there are any other menu items that trigger that sound, look in menus.cfg to see which .cmd file is being accessed.

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    Thank you! I don't mind the bell myself, but it drives my fiancee CRAZY! She always asks me to DromEd with the computer on mute. Especially when I work on complicated architecture---I optimize after every alteration to make sure it won't break.

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    I changed it to play pickup_loot for now
    Thanks, this will help keep things fresh

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    I have changed mine to play hwooear which enough to get my attention without being annoying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proliffia View Post
    I changed it to play pickup_loot for now
    Thanks, this will help keep things fresh
    Just changed mine to pickup_loot too. I never knew you could change the portalize/optimize sounds until now so I'll probably be fooling around with different sounds quite a bit

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    I've changed mine to a voice saying ' You've wasted your life, mate'.

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