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Thread: Size of creatures when die. Floating on the floor.

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    Size of creatures when die. Floating on the floor.

    It may be useful to someone, so I decided to share it.

    I created a simple method that uses metaproperties to solve the problem in which Dromed automatically defines the size of creatures' models, so that when they die they appear to be floating on the ground rather than leaning against the surface.

    1-Create a metaproperty with the following values:

    Design Notes: NVRemovePropertyTrapProp="PhysDims"; NVRemovePropertyTrapReAdd=1; NVRelayTrap10On="Slain"; NVRelayTrap10Delay=300; NVRelayTrap10TDest="[me]";

    Scripts: 1- NVRemovePropertyTrap 2 - NVRelayTrap10 (tenth variation only to avoid conflict with the other possible and usual variations).

    2- Add this metaproperty in Human Tree.

    3- Add Phiysics/Models/Dimensions in Creatures Tree (One Before): Radius 1 = 0.3 - Radius 2 = 0.3 (It is advisable to test other values and choose what you like best.)

    This meta-property will respond to the "Slain" message and NVRelayTrap10 will send the signal to itself. Thus, the creature's size changes to the value entered in Creatures, and no longer returns to the original size. Thus, the body aligns better to the ground.

    Of course this will depend on the size of the 3d model. I just gave the general idea. Each one improves in the best way for personal use.

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    Can't see anything in the video. Too dark. Please upload a demo mission.

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    New Video.
    I'll do a demo mission soon.

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    Honestly I never had any problems with how the AI end up on the ground except when the fall on uneven terrain or in mid-air in the case of a balcony or ledge. I believe the motion performed is supposed to put the AI flat on the ground.

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