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Thread: Last chance, video games!

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    Last chance, video games!

    Time for another backlog reduction thread, with a twist! Like all-a-y'all, I have plenty of half-played games in my Steam library. Games I've played a good chunk of and totally intend to finish sooner or later, but somehow I never seem to get around to them. Well, no more dilly-dallying! This is it! Last chance, video games! Entertain me, OR DIE! (Get uninstalled, that is.)

    Games on my list, and my best guestimate at how far I've made it through each game. N/A for games that are permadeath or don't have campaigns.

    GameCurrent progressPlayed onConclusion
    City Car DrivingN/A
    Cloudlands VR MinigolfN/A13.05.2018Uninstalling
    Heat Signature20%
    Hollow Knight70%
    House of the Dying Sun30%
    Kentucky Route Zero55%
    Rain World15%20.05.2018Keeping it installed.
    Shadowrun: Dragonfall DC50%
    Snake Pass90%06.05.2018Finished it!
    Styx 230%
    I'll try to play one of these per week, in whatever order I feel like at the moment. First up: Snake Pass. I just GOTTA be able to finish this god damn thing. I got like 2 more levels or something.
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    maybe a little info on each game?
    well not each but some of those I am not familair with
    I found Jalopy a insta-refund after about 20mins of gameplay
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    Also if you dont give Undertale a good go to 100% it, you are dead to me, dead

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    I'll try to give info as I go.


    Turns out I only had 1 level left. Welp, that was easy! 1 down, 14 to go!

    Snake Pass Info:
    It's a game where you play a snake. The controls are really unique and fun, but not quite fun enough to sustain the game until the end. I finished the last level while listening to Dolly Parton's "Jolene" album. 7/10

    RE: Jalopy. Yeah, it's a clunky mess, but I dig the core concept enough to have put 8 hours into the game already. Made it all the way to Bulgaria last time I played. I gotta give it one last proper go at reaching the end before I call it quits.

    RE: Undertale. I really digged it at the start, but then kinda ran out of steam. Whenever I try to return to it I can't remember what the story is about and the gameplay keeps turning me off. Not sure I have it in me to finish it.

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    you know, you have an odd penchant for country music, but admittedly Jolene is a country banger

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    With Kentucky Route Zero, you may want to wait for a few months. They're pretty certain that they'll finish the fifth and final act this year.

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    Oh, cool. IIRC I'm most of the way through Chapter 3 at the moment.

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    Oh god I suppose I'll have to play another one of these damn games now that a week has passed. Why did I start this horrible project uggghhhhhhhhhhhh

    I see Cloudlands VR Minigolf has had some recent updates so I guess I'll play a bit of that.

    Info about Cloudlands VR Minigolf:
    It's a game where you play minigolf in VR. May or may not contain cloudlands.

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    I didn't think much of Cloudlands VR Minigolf the first time I played it. And I still don't. It's rough around the edges AND rough at it's core.

    There may have been cloudlands in it but I'm not sure.

    FATE: Uninstalled.

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    This week: Rain World

    Info about Rain World:
    2017's 6th best game, according to me, even though I never finished it. Rain World is a thrilling and terrifying place to explore. The creatures that inhabit this world are some of the most amazing I've ever seen. Their unpredictable AI and procedurally animated movements imbue them with a wildness not seen in many videogame creatures.

    I continued my second playthrough, this time using the Monk character, which makes the monsters less hostile and the game easier. But it's still a very unsettling game. I ventured into Shaded Citadel, where the spiders are, and managed to find a safe place to rest before the rain started falling again. It's giving me too many bad vibes for me to keep playing.

    Not sure when I'll get back to playing this in earnest again, but I can't bring myself to uninstall it. It's only 4GB. It's ok if it just remains in a dark corner of my Steam library. I'll visit it whenever I want a dose of nightmare sadness.

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    Oh yeah I was supposed to play one of these fucking games today wasn't I? Well, I didn't!

    Instead I played:
    Beat Saber - A bit of saber-beating first thing in the morning to start the day off right! Then a shower and breakfast before it's on to...
    Assassin's Creed Origins - I bought a horse and rode from Alexandria to Siwa. Also did some hunting.
    Thy Sword - the developers of this live in my city! Also it was -25% so I decided to finally pick it up. It's a nice slice of old-school action platforming.
    Zombie Army Trilogy - tried, and failed, to do the final mission of this with Jesh and Sulhur. Zombie-Hitler's a dick.
    Samorost - this is lovely.
    Mouse Corp - I played this because I think perhaps I should play every game by thecatamites. It made me very melancholy.
    Picross S - playing Picross on the Switch while watching re-runs of The Office (US version) is my current comfort-zone.

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