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Thread: Frostpunk -- mid-apocalyptic city builder / Canada simulator

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    Frostpunk -- mid-apocalyptic city builder / Canada simulator

    I've been playing this cool little city builder from the devs that made This War of Mine and so far it's definitely one of those "one more turn" games. I thought I'd give it a try for a couple of hours the other day and suddenly it was 5 in the morning.

    The gameplay is divided between city management, policy making, research, and outdoor exploration, with the city building taking up the bulk of the time. In the city screen, you plunk down buildings, assign workers, and manage heating. You also need to pay attention to the time of day, as your workers only work 10 hour days at the start, those lazy slackers. Policy making is where the game really hammers home the harsh decisions you have to make in a situation like this. For example, one of the first things you have to decide on is child labour and there's plenty to follow. In times of need, what do you do with the gravely ill? What do you do with the dead? And yes, the game goes there. Research is pretty straighforward -- building types, efficiency upgrades, heating upgrades, etc. Finally, the outdoor map is where the background story gets delivered. You send out scouts to explore points of interest where you might have to make a decision, depending on what you find.

    I've seen people compare the game to Banished and They are Billions and there are definitely some similarities, but what it really reminds me of are city builders like Caesar, Pharaoh, Zeus, and Emperor. The difference is that it's perhaps a little less complex, but also much more difficult right from the start. I'm playing it on the medium/default difficulty and it has been one small disaster after another. People getting sick, resources running out, labour shortages etc. Always scrambling for one thing or another and there is not a whole lot of room for mistakes. It's the type of game where you need to play it once to really know how to play it or maybe even fail once. Once you get in the groove, though, it's a pretty chill game.

    The story is quite intriguing as well. In a Victorian steampunk world plunged into an ice age, the only inhabitable places left are in the north where animals have adapted to the climate and where coal reserves and generators have been prepared for just this eventuality. You're managing a band of survivors who makes a journey to one such generator and has to build a city from scratch while the situation is steadily getting worse.

    I'd say that if city building games don't leave you cold and if you like steampunk at all, it's pretty much a must buy. Anyway, here's a trailer/intro for the whole thing:

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    I thought this was going to be this game, which I saw the trailer of recently:

    But that would be Cliff Empire. I'd say it's a hell of a coincidence that two "scifi/steampunk city building in the mountains and snow" games would come out in April, but I guess some ideas just have their moments. Edit: Correction, Cliff Empire just released the trailer and the game is just an early alpha, whereas it looks like FrostPunk has been released outright.

    Both look pretty good. Looks like FrostPunk has a lot more narrative substance, more 4X, more steampunk, and Cliff Empire looks to be just pure city building and it's scifi.

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    One more trailer; these are pretty cool:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starker View Post
    I'd say that if city building games don't leave you cold
    HO HO HO.

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