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Thread: Reducing cell count?

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    Does brush size have an impact on cell count?

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    It's likely that big brushes interact with other brushes - more cells.

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    Does brush size have an impact on cell count?
    Sometimes it does, in conjunction with the texture scale. Large brushes have polygons split into smaller ones limited by the size of a lightmap. The more detailed texture (scale lower than default 16), the smaller resulting divisions and the higher polycount but also larger cell count.

    Polygons with sky texture should always have the maximum texture scale for that reason.

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    Spilled some lemonade over your keyboard by chance?
    If we are talking about a regular PC keyboard, I would recommend disassembling it and giving the foil a good wash.
    My 20 year+ old Microsoft Natural keyboard appreciates that procedure every couple of years.
    Spare all electronics from water, though and let it dry thouroughly!

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    Gnartsch I'm not sure who that was directed at, but I'm using an illuminated Saitek keyboard and I never spilled anything on it. When I try to straffe right with the D key sometimes it delays, and I have problems with the O and L keys. I'm not sure I can take it apart though.

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