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Thread: Trying to avoid rebuilding Current Mission?

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    Trying to avoid rebuilding Current Mission?

    Though I've wished to place myself into the Thief 20th Year Anniversary Contest; I've ran into a few snags. Even as I continue building the mission with full interest in it to branch out... There's another instinct of mine to be more productive. I've got another setting in mind for my mission and now it's transformed into being a new build all together.

    I don't plan on rebuilding the mission I have already carved into, but I have plans to put this on the back burner as the new idea takes hold with better construction in mind; but knowing this I might fall behind in the Contest, if not drop out completely because of story arcs and what needs to be designed.

    Should I continue telling myself its okay to rebuild into the new idea or should I somehow merge it with the old one if possible?

    Best Regards!

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    For what it's worth, I recently scrapped everything I had already built for the contest and started over for the third time because I wasn't happy with the feel of it. But it did serve to help me see how I really wanted it do it. So for me, it was worth starting over, because I was excited about building it the way I now envisioned. And also, my subsequent building went faster because I knew then how I wanted it to be.

    The other thing worth considering is that when you are inspired, when you have the creative spirit, vision, whatever, sometimes you just need to go with it while it lasts. If you can build it the new way in time to make the deadline, great. If not, you can still release it, but you'll be releasing what you really wanted to make.

    Only you can decide, but I hope this helps.

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    AH! Thank you! The way you've worded it sound so much better! I'll be sure to keep everyone update as I can.


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