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Thread: Off To Parts Unknown

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    Off To Parts Unknown

    Some loved him, some hated him--I always admired his "fuck it" attitude.

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    He was cool as fuck and had one of the best jobs in the world. Some might say it was one too many bad airport hamburgers...but I think not. Anyway...I heard the news about 9am on the radio this morning. For a few moments I forgot where I was going and had to circle back. Been a bad week. Lost a childhood friend to his own demons a few days ago...and now a TV presenter who seemed to have it all. A wee bit of advice...hug your loved ones while they're still here.

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    Agree w. SlyFoxx, it shocking with these suicides where everyone seem to react with “wow, I didn’t see that coming... I mean he/she had it all”.
    Obviously the man dosn’t hang himself for no reason, so yeah he must have been truly miserable inside behind that cool “fuck-it-all” exterior... Why didn’t someone step in and hug him in time? Makes me sad

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    I got to see his show while in the US, it became a must see. The last one I saw was filmed in Iceland, I commented to a friend “Bourdain is not looking well”. We put it down to the strange assortment of food he was enjoying, but perhaps it was more than that.
    An interesting guy with a certain way about him, very cool.

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    He had some great shows. I liked his style and found his delivery and the crew's production to be spot on nearly all the time.

    I've been down in the dumps myself, but I cannot imagine being low enough to be take my own life. He must have been in exceptional mental pain. Tragic all ways to Sunday. Very sad indeed.

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    Huh, I wonder why the Anthony Bourdain remembrance thread only has four posts? Oh yeah... because some wannabe-clever chucklefuck left his name out of the title.

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    Hey ZB, perhaps a little respect for the departed should take precedence over a personal feud...

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    its not personal, its just ZB

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    Maybe he needs a hug?

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