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Thread: Help! I can't get ShockEd to open

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    Help! I can't get ShockEd to open

    So I wanted to try out making a level in System shock 2, one of my favorite games, and I tried to follow the instructions for downloading ShockEd properly, but whenever I try to launch the application I get this:

    I opened the readme file and got this:

    Which led me to this site and page:

    And the links there don't seem to be working.

    I know I've gotta be doing something wrong, and I hope somebody has a DDFix link that works, if that is the error. Please help, and thanks in advance, guys.

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    DDFix has been obsolete for years. I've never used ShockEd myself, but you will probably get more help asking over at the the SS2 Editing forum on than here.

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    This might not answer your question, but I've found this Shocked tutorial on youtube.

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    SS2tool will install ShockEd for you (zero effort, you just need to select it when patching up), but might as well wait a bit before downloading and patching as the new version will be rolling out later today.

    where do people manage to find all that outdated stuff anyway.

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