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Thread: DOOM Eternal

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    DOOM Eternal

    Hell on Earth! Arachnotrons! Archviles! Pain Elementals! :faints:

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    I was gonna go, 'eh, tactical blunder with the sawed-off at the end' when I realised holy fuck that's the super shotgun from Doom 2. They know their audience, all right. Bring it.

    I also seem to have forgotten it was already in Doom 2016 but never mind that.

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    FUCK YEAH. This I can't wait for .

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    Wish they had called it Doom Forever.

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    Also, that teaser was a tease.

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    So the video content all screams "Doom 2: Hell on Earth", whereas the title references "Eternal Doom", which seems odd/unnecessary? If they're not giving new games the exact same titles as old games, they're apparently now borrowing them from third-party mods?
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    That was a mega-wad wasn't it?
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    There we go

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