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Thread: :.:. Starfield .:.:

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    :.:. Starfield .:.:

    This is a teaser of Starfield...a sci-fi adventure game, which is the first new franchise from Bethesda in 25 years.

    It's described as a next-generation first-person game, set in an entirely new world...

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    Not really much to go on yet. Wake me in a year or so

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    Isn't Bethesda known for releasing games not that long after their announcement? Or maybe I'm thinking of someone else.

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    I wouldn't expect this one to come out soon. They have a lot of pots boiling right now. This, Fallout 76, Elder Scrolls 6, plus mobile things like ES: Blades, and Fallout Shelter (which just got a Switch port).

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    ES6 comes out after this one's done, actually. As announcements go this is pretty bare bones; it could be a spiritual sequel to Startopia for all we know.

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    You say that like it's a bad thing

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    Uh, no, I -- wait a minute, would you actually want one by Bethesda, though?

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    Tbh, all I want from Bethesda is a new Gridiron! and IHRA Drag Racing.

    Elder Scrolls, Shmelder Scrolls.

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    After FO4, the only BSG announcement that would remotely excite me would be IHRA 3.

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    Ah, another fan of watching men run around in women's clothing, I see.

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    Y'know, I'd agree with you guys if the obscure historical artifacts you wanted resurrecting were, like, a new SkyNet instead of these old sports games.

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    Sports games? I thought Gridiron! was a game about extreme ironing.

    Well this changes things...

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    I just want to know if there is space flight and combat in this game. I've all but lost faith in Star Citizen and only have No Man's Sky to scratch the itch in the way I really want it to.

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    Wayne Gretzky Hockey 2 is still Bethesda's best game.

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    @Buccura, Empyrion is the best of that genre right now IMO. Unless you like the aesthetic of NMS &/or the vastness of the exploration (in size though not really in content), Empyrion is deeper on every other level. It's on sale this week too.

    As for this game, I feel like we this is the rumor going around from ages ago, that it's a scifi varient of the Skyrim/Fallout open world model on a futuristic alien planet. I'm curious how it will compare with Cyberpunk 2077 on that front. That's what I'd be happy to see. I think the catch-all approach of NMS/SpaceEngineers/Empyrion/StarCitizen is kind of cursed with the dilemma of either shallow gameplay or infinite development time, and am happy to just wait for Empyrion to improve over the next 5 years, and this can be a strong, narrative driven single player game that stands on its own.

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