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Thread: 6450 being recognized as 7450 in win xp, help!

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    6450 being recognized as 7450 in win xp, help!

    Right so, a couple years ago a friend of mine brought a Lenevo desktop, then traded it with my brother for his Bass guitar(which I later brought back and gave it back to my bro). However, the PC he got from my buddy was pretty dismal, Lenovo h05-30, I think, basically a desktop built with laptop parts.

    After hearing my bro bitch and moan about it, I told him I'd buy him a new PC, he told me he wanted something with win xp as he has an xbox 360/One for more recent titles but nothing to run his old PC games.

    So I got him an old Dell optiplex 620 w\ win xp and brought an msi hd 6450 to replace the onboard graphics.

    The problem is his PC refuses the 'see' his card as an hd 6450, instead it's listed as 7450 in the device manager. He's using a 7450 driver from a win xp install disc I had - and it seems to be working ok for now - but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to get his PC to register the card as a 6450 properly. I tried googling this but it only led me to irrelevant info.

    A second problem I have is I'm not actually sure which which driver to install. The disc that came with his card only had drivers for win 7 and up. I downloaded several old drivers from the amd site but none seemed to detect his graphics card at all. The only options they showed upon install where for his audio output. (Realtek)

    If anyone has any insight on possible solutions here I'd be much obliged, thank you.

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    probably just some rebranding going on, a sin Ati/AMD is also guilty of. if it works, don't fix it, but if you insist on trying, then this should be the latest xp driver for the hd 6000/7000 series.

    I'd probably pick a completely different card for that pc - a passively cooled 128bit gf7300/7600 would be a much better match, for a price of a lunch or two.

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    I already tried the 14.4 catalyst drivers(and the next 2 or 3 oldest). Upon installation the only options are for audio drivers. It's like his video card just gets ignored.

    Someone else on the AMD forums had the same problem trying to use those drivers with a 6450 on win xp.

    I think you're right though - if it works don't fix it. The 7450 driver he's using now seems to be working fine. I'll take a look at the cards you mentioned, thank you.

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    in case you would want to poke the AMD card in the future, this sounds very similar to what you were describing;
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    I'll have to look up that driver app he mentioned, snappy drivers right? Crap, already forgot it, lol.

    Interesting that the catalyst control portion installed correctly for him, it didn't for my bro.

    It's looking like none of this will matter soon though; after explaining to my brother about how XP is restricted to DX9 and the ram limits of a 32bit OS, he now wants me to install Win 7 64bit for him. His Lenovo has Win 10 and he hates it, hehe.

    Anyway, I've read several posts on the Dell site and Tom's Hardware that suggest that I should'nt have any problems upgrading his 620 to Win 7 64bit.

    Also, not that it matters, truly, but I think I made a couple mistakes; I mentioned Realtek audio in my post. That's the default audio driver, the one showing up in the catalyst installer was the HDMI audio out from the card. And lastly, I believe it was the MSI support forum, not AMD, where I read about someone else was having a similar problem.

    Thank you Voodoo for your suggestions and advice.

    Hopefully his upgrade will go smooth. I'll find out in a few weeks. He wants to beat a few games first before making the switch.

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    yeah, there is no reason to stick with xp unless you need it for something very specific, or the hw is not capable of running win7 for some reason. Optiplex 620 should be ok, as long as the computer has a pentiumD (dualcore) cpu - if not, you might want to get one, they are dirt cheap ($3-5) and win7 runs considerably better on them (D820 or D840 should be supported on that pc).

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    Yeah, it's a Pentium D, 3.00, 2.99. I'm not sure what the actual model is though. I don't know if that info is available from the device manager and my bro gets antsy whenever I enter the boot menu or start poking around the innards, hehe. I've fixed-up PCs and laptops for family and friends before, but I've trashed my own hardware several times over the years due to inexperience/bad info/being drunk, hehe.

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    you should be fine then. do not expect anything amazing performance wise, but it should work well enough for the stuff you mentioned.

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