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Thread: Heart of Stone -new abandoned mission

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    Heart of Stone -new abandoned mission

    Quote Originally Posted by clearing View Post
    Unfinished mission
    This is a large abandoned Hammerite Imperium series mission. It looks like the most developed of all, a fully functional, well constructed level. All you need is some goals, ambient sounds, and you have a new mission. Posting it here in case anyone wants to finalize it

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    That may be underestimating the completion status a little I think. Lots of book text would need writing, empty containers would need filling, under-finished areas need fleshing out. It's less work than starting from scratch, but it'd need a bit more work than just goals and sound.

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    It's more developed than any unfinished mission I've seen before, but I get your point

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    This does not appear to be an abandoned Imperium mission, but perhaps was made by someone from that team, or was made by someone and dedicated to Alexius and the HI team, or even have been submitted as an audition by someone wanting to join the team.

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