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Thread: Your favourite Thief?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mechs Delight View Post
    Really? I thought the first two games were far superior to Deadly Shadows, which just seemed like a lazy, even cynical cash grab, especially the Museum, which could stand in for any bloated, generic giant level. But even Deadly Shadows looks like a glowing bar of gold compared to the unspeakably awful NuThief.
    To be fair, Thief 3 was rushed because the studio was about to close, and they had a tight deadline so corners had to be cut. The other problem is they decided to port it to X-Box (a low memory console), so they had to make the levels cramped to make it work. Unfortunate circumstances + bad decisions

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    Thief The Dark Project/Gold.

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    Loved them all, also the reboot.
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    bulgarian taffer i agree with all but one aspect of thief deadly shadows story line was continued from thief 2,so its part of thief 1 and 2

    nuthief =shit

    the only way to save thief story line is to have either a prequel to thief 1 or a thief 4 taking place after deadly shadows

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    I completely agree with Razorfist

    Thief(4) is not part of the series in my judgmental opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    the only way to save thief story line is to have either a prequel to thief 1 or a thief 4 taking place after deadly shadows
    I'd rather see no more Thief games, rather than see them sullied further. In my head, the Keepers from Thief 3 were not the true Keepers, but an usurper order that stumbled upon Keeper knowledge while the true Keepers faded into the background, knowing they could not confront such a powerful group directly.

    This is all drawn from readables and environmental storytelling, granted, rather than cutscenes, dialogue or press releases. But the LGS people loved (and love) their secrets. ^_^

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    This topic comes up from time to time with polarized opinions. There is really no right answer, kind of like arguing which is tastier, chicken or fish.

    To me there is no game ever that compares to TDP/TG. I still remember the thrill of hearing the bear pits conversation and jumping down the well in Lord Badford. One of my sadest nights was when I finished the game. Immediately played it again.

    Played T3 but never finished it. Just was not the same.

    Have T4 but have not played it yet which is a sign I am not too excited about it ((had it for a very long time).

    By the way, I am pretty excited about the Anniversary Contest. Should yield some great missions in the old style - my favorite. I am building a mission but I am a very slow builder and likely will miss the deadline. It will probably get done in 2019.

    TMA is my second favorite and Half Life is next. Imagine 1998 when TDP and Half Life were issued. What a great year!


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