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Thread: Your favourite Thief?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mechs Delight View Post
    Really? I thought the first two games were far superior to Deadly Shadows, which just seemed like a lazy, even cynical cash grab, especially the Museum, which could stand in for any bloated, generic giant level. But even Deadly Shadows looks like a glowing bar of gold compared to the unspeakably awful NuThief.
    To be fair, Thief 3 was rushed because the studio was about to close, and they had a tight deadline so corners had to be cut. The other problem is they decided to port it to X-Box (a low memory console), so they had to make the levels cramped to make it work. Unfortunate circumstances + bad decisions

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    Thief The Dark Project/Gold.

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    Loved them all, also the reboot.
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    bulgarian taffer i agree with all but one aspect of thief deadly shadows story line was continued from thief 2,so its part of thief 1 and 2

    nuthief =shit

    the only way to save thief story line is to have either a prequel to thief 1 or a thief 4 taking place after deadly shadows

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    I completely agree with Razorfist

    Thief(4) is not part of the series in my judgmental opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    the only way to save thief story line is to have either a prequel to thief 1 or a thief 4 taking place after deadly shadows
    I'd rather see no more Thief games, rather than see them sullied further. In my head, the Keepers from Thief 3 were not the true Keepers, but an usurper order that stumbled upon Keeper knowledge while the true Keepers faded into the background, knowing they could not confront such a powerful group directly.

    This is all drawn from readables and environmental storytelling, granted, rather than cutscenes, dialogue or press releases. But the LGS people loved (and love) their secrets. ^_^

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