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Thread: T1/T2 Portability of installs?

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    T1/T2 Portability of installs?

    I have GoG installs of T1/T2 on my Win 8 PC. Are there any known issues with just simply coppying the installs to a new Win 10 PC and playing them?

    I have a lot of mods and customisations, so would prefer to avoid a fresh install if I could.

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    Don't copy it to a protected folder.
    If it doesn't work, check install.cfg (T1/TG) and darkinst.cfg (T2).

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    a TFixed/TafferPatched install is portable.

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    Fully portable, yes. I haven't installed Thief 2 from CD since around 2001, I just move all my folders from PC to PC. Preferably put it in the same (non-protected) folder as on the current machine (match the directory structure), that should make it work without having to edit install/darkinst.cfg.

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    Thanks everyone, good to know.

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