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Thread: Reducing .avi file size for briefing

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    Reducing .avi file size for briefing

    I made a video briefing, and it displays correctly in game, but the file size is gigantic. I am using Sony Vegas Pro 13 and I tried different rendering settings, but in every scenario the .avi file is still too big. What settings do you recommend for briefing videos? What is the max frame size in NewDark?

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    I used Premiere CS6 to the general edition. Generally, if you use h.264 with NTSC NV (Widescreen or normal) It will be good. Then, it`s just adjust crop movies info to fit better.

    But native codecs did not convinced me.. So I rendered in High Resolution in Premiere and after: As improbable as it may seem, I used the Sony Sound Forge (YES, the Sound editor) to export my video to lower resolutions (h.264 with NTSC NV Widescreen 29fps), and it was MUCH BETTER than Premiere ... with the same setup and final size.

    Although Full HD videos work, they seems to be somewhat unstable depending on the user's settings. From what I've seen, NTSC 30fps is the maximum recommended. In one of my PCs, the sound and image of Full HD movies became totally unsynchronized, as if the engine did not support the load.
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    I usually reconvert the movies with Window Movie Maker... I surely remember there was such an option...

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    Don't make your video any higher-res than 640x480. Any resolution above that is wasted.

    NewDark uses FFMpeg as its video codec, which supports h264, so use that. To make the file size smaller, use two-pass encoding and then just keep dropping the bitrate lower until you hit a satisfactory compromise between file size and image quality.

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    Thank you very much for your help, I managed to reduce the file size from 300 MB to 15 MB, and the video quality is still quite good. I used the Xvid codec because I had some strange problems with sound in h.264.

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    Although ZB is right that 640x480 is fine for the in-game briefing you include in the mission ZIP, you can of course render it at HD/UHD for uploading to Youtube etc.

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