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Thread: Thief 2 | Lighting Issue?

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    Thief 2 | Lighting Issue?

    Hello TTLG. First time poster, long time lurker (mostly from the shadows).

    Can anyone tell me if this lighting effect is supposed to look like this?

    It's like there's a prism in the light fixture. All that green splattered up the wall, like the Green Goblin had one too many ales and hit the GTFO button..
    No matter what FM I play, always the same

    My questions are:

    Is it a light rendering issue?
    A result of the patches?
    Does everyone have this?
    Can I fix this with tweaks to ini/cfgs?

    I'm running a full clean GOG install of T2. Latest Tafferpatch & ep2 and Darkloader for FMs. I actually re-installed just to make sure I had no leftovers from last installation. Cleaned registry. Other than this annoyance, the game runs sweet, no slow-downs or crashes. As you can see I changed the light gem, but they're just gifs and I had this issue before I did any modding to crfs.

    I hope you can help or atleast put my mind at ease, it's affecting business

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    I see this effect often, part of me just wants to say that's how it is with such an old game. What mission is this?

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    It's called 'Saturio Returns Home'

    It seems like open spaces it's more apparent and in closed areas such as mansions corridors I don't see it as much. Idk like it's out of range?
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    yes, that's the original 16bit lighting. you can relight to 32bit with NewDark and some basic Editor skills, that will get rid of the discoloration.

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    Thanks voodoo47. I installed DromEd and tinkered with it. I'm used to UnrealEd.

    Looks a lot better. I changed it to 32 and re-lit, then Complete Processing. Sure was alot of yellow warnings about portals. Idk, level loaded ok and hopefully now I can complete it. YaY

    Thanks again

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    you don't need complete reprocess if you just want the 32bit lighting - a relight will suffice.

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    Oh my bad. I thought it would need to rebuild all lighting/calcs/shadows ect.. So it's as easy as flicking a light switch -so to speak, even better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FilthyCutpurse View Post
    Oh my bad. I thought it would need to rebuild all lighting/calcs/shadows ect..
    Yes... that's what relighting does.

    The original 16-bit color lighting produces weird gradients like that all the time because it's using RGB565-- 5 bits for red, 6 bits for green, and 5 bits for blue. So not only is the color resolution per channel very low, green has a different number and spacing of "steps" from the red and blue channels. This all makes smooth lighting gradients nearly impossible.

    T1 didn't have this problem because it only supported monochrome lighting, which got a full 8 bits per channel.

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    Wow that looks way better. I wish it was like that by default.

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