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Thread: A numbering device + sound effect

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    A numbering device + sound effect


    One of my testers, Aemanyl, played my mission, and game me a suggestion which I'd like to implement, but don't know if it's possible.

    To put it simply: my mission has a numbering device machine, like the one in Shipping: and Receiving. This numbering device opens a secret door, containing the quest item. So far, so good.

    It's a 4-digit code. The door is opened via questvartrigger.

    My question is: per suggestion, is it possible to play a sound, when the door gets opened? I remember a similar thing when I played Undercover - after pulling all levers, they played a sound effect in the end.

    The machine and the secret room are in different places of the mansion.

    Again, this is something optional, not mandatory - mission would work without it.

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    Yes it is possible. There are any number of possibilities. You should read up on your script documentation and chose one that you like.

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    You could SoundDecription link the questvartrigger to a VOTrap where Garrett say "that should do it" or substitute that was with a sound effect. I don't recall which schema this is though. (I'm not on my gaming PC at the moment.)

    Edit: gar9905 is the schema name.
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