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Thread: Thief Textures - City Origin

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    Thief Textures - City Origin

    I remember reading some time ago about a trip someone from LGS took one summer and took numerous pictures that were used for TDP textures (cathedral, etc.). I did a search a number of ways and came up empty. There was a reference to the pics taken in a Eastern European city (maybe Prague, Budapest, etc.). Does anyone know where this happened? I am planning a trip to EU and if I could see any of the buildings that were used for Thief textures, it would be a real kick.


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    If you're going to Prague check out the clock that appears in Framed. According to The Making of Thief II, the LGS member who took the photos on vacation was Mark Lizotte, the lead artist of both Thief games.
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    If you find any that aren't in the EP already, do take high-res photos and make textures out of them.

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    The clock in Prague has been taken down for repairs, apparently:

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    Location: Southern,California 4min 40 second in interview the guy was dan thron,he took a trip to europe,its not the fullsegment

    enjoy bbb,i hope it helps

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    Thanks to all.

    Downwinder - yes that T2 video is where I learned of Dan's excursion to Europe. Just could not remember how I knew about it. Big help. If I go to EU, will take a lot of pics.

    Thanks again!

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