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Thread: Viability of Dromed on a Surface?

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    Viability of Dromed on a Surface?

    Come September, I'm going to be back in school and since my old laptop died, I'm going to need a new one as taking my main rig away just isn't happening. One of the options I'm currently thinking of is a Surface of some kind. I'm hoping that the majority of my current project with StinkyKitty will be done by then, but some work will almost certainly remain (which I'll have to do on whatever my school computer will be). I remember reading around here somewhere that it's possible to run Thief on a Surface, but I was wondering if anybody's ever tried to run Dromed on one and if so, what your experience has been. Any thoughts?

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    I had a 15 inch surface book, and DromEd ran just fine on it. I hated the computer though, but that could be personal preference more than anything else.

    Honestly, the best laptop DromEding experience I've had was with a MacBook Pro running windows.

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