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Thread: Eyyyy I'm walkin' here BUDDY!

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    Eyyyy I'm walkin' here BUDDY!

    I am starting a new job in a couple of months which will require a couple of trips to New York every year for a week at a time and was wondering if anyone here is from there and might recommend some decent things to do and see and also tips on how to avoid becoming a crime statistic might be good too. Would obviously be 100% up for a pint too. I enjoy craft beers a fair bit, so tips along those lines would be a great inclusion. Much appreciated.

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    RBJ is still there. I went to NYU so know the place. You could see the Statue of Liberty, Castle Clinton and Battery Park (of Deus Ex fame), the 9/11 memorial, Noho/Soho/TriBeCa, the Gugenheim and Central Park, the Cloisters, Chinatown, the Village ... you could go to a Baptist service for the gospel music up in Harlem and 125th Street, there's lots of old school jazz clubs, Empire State Bldg, Times Square/42nd Street, catch a Broadway show or an off-Broadway more offbeat show, Rockafeller Center...

    Since it got Disneyfied and economically gutted after 9/11, it really isn't that bad for crime anymore; nothing like the good ole days. The simplest way to avoid trouble is just to stay in areas where there's always people milling around the streets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by faetal View Post on how to avoid becoming a crime statistic...
    Stay away from the 'Ton, man. Baaad shit goin' on.

    Quote Originally Posted by demagogue View Post
    ...Castle Clinton and Battery Park (of Deus Ex fame)...
    It's weird to me to think that there might be game versions of tourist attractions that are more widely experienced than the real thing.

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    Is lurking around Castle Clinton, wearing a trench-coat and shades, bristling with weapons, still a thing to do?

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    So long as you're sporting a neckbeard, yeah.

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