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Thread: Old TTLG'ers

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    L'architecte de Rocksbourg
    Registered: Nov 2005
    Location: Narbonne, France
    Hey thor. Not sure why you put me with Digi and Purah, I'm not working at Arkane.
    I'm not really active on the forums but you can find me on discord most of the time. I'm still very active regarding fms, got a lot of projects to work on despite the fact I don't have as much freetime as I used to have.

    Same as Yandros, I never post in commchat, but it's nice to see some veterans here. Personally I miss Digi, Sliptip and Gaetane the most, I wish they would come back sometimes.

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    Previously Important
    Registered: Nov 1999
    Location: Caer Weasel, Uelekevu
    What is happening?!

    Dear peeps I has return, there are many Hagues between my head and my arsehole so bear upon me if you dare! We have found the meat on the hillside and on the swamp, we have dug the ocean dry for redflesh and white, we have shot things that not expect it! And then eat them!
    Here we are. Many years, non? I didn't change at all, but maybe you know. Some are still contact like Raf and Dec and Aerothorn and other dicks. Starrfall and I are in charge of the universe, just like you said. Plus also our dog.
    I am shamed to tell that the past years have been shit, full of Bad Internet and Clickbaits. I am disappoint and forgot where the old internet was! But NOW I AM HERE again. For better or for worse.
    I don't think most are remembered. Maybe you know. Maybe you don't. Here I am, regardless and fuck you with a soft hat (but a BIG one)!
    I missed you so much.
    I want to stay.

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    Registered: Jan 2003
    Location: NeoTokyo
    O shi, you done summoned the Man. There no turning back now!

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    Registered: Feb 2000
    Location: Portreath Cornwall UK
    Stay GBM, tell us stories of the hillside and swamp. Post pictures of parts of things nailed to the wall. Or have you ate everything? With salt.

    C’mon noid, you know you want you, the man has shown you the way.
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    Registered: Apr 1999
    Location: Fatteh's laundry basket.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gingerbread Man View Post
    What is happening?!
    He is summoned, RUN!

    Man, it's like there's this part of my memory that's been dormant for a decade and every time someone new pops up in the thread it goes "oi, remember me?"

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    Moderator and Priest
    Registered: Mar 2002
    Location: Dinosaur Ladies of the Night
    When I see a cow, Uncia, I think of you.

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