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Thread: Cable-Cutting or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love YouTube

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    A few more suggestions:

    Game Maker's Toolkit -- essays about game design
    Super Bunnyhop -- video game essays with a journalistic bent
    Matthewmatosis -- in-depth video game reviews
    Matt Barton -- video game history and developer interviews, often RPG focused
    Red Letter Media -- film reviews and discussion, notorious for the reviews on the Star Wars prequels
    Lessons from the Screenplay -- a series of analyses exploring what makes film stories work (or not)
    Now You See It -- film devices explained, such as how vampires have been used in movies to represent outsiders like jews, homosexuals and Vietnam vets
    Minutephysics -- very short and simple explanations of physics topics
    Numberphile -- all things related to numbers, such as calculating a car crash, a video about why speed limits are far more important than most people realise
    Kurzgesagt -- short animated videos on science topics, such as what would happen if you detonated a nuclear bomb in the Mariana Trench
    Today I Found Out -- a series about all kinds of things you might have not known, such as "Is pot illegal in Amsterdam?" (it is), "Can staying awake too long kill you?" (it can and will), and "What happened to the actor Rick Moranis?" (became a stay home dad)

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    I never had cable (though, technically, my internet is cable, I just don't get any TV channels.)

    I do have a freeview satellite receiver that gets UK channels, but I almost never watch TV, just the news sometimes. I don't like having to watch at the times that the TV channels demand, and certainly don't like being force-fed commercials every few minutes. Plus, there's rarely anything good on.

    I also never watch Irish TV at all. I could theoretically watch it online, but their website detects my ad blockers and refuses to play anything, even though they are the state-owned channel and they get money from our taxes and TV licences...

    I do watch a lot of random things on YouTube, however.

    Game and game design related:
    Mandalore Gaming -- thoughtful reviews of games, often for rarer ones or cult classics.
    Game Maker's Toolkit has already been mentioned, as has Noah Caldwell-Gervais.
    Mr Wendal on games -- another game design / analysis channel, interesting but he only rarely uploads new videos.

    Honest Trailers and Honest Game Trailers -- amusing reviews of films and games; no links, because the channel also has a lot of other stuff that I have no interest in.
    Overly Sarcastic Productions -- about history and myths, but I mostly watch it for Red's "Trope Talk" series, where she talks about different tropes.
    Jörg Sprave - The Slingshot Channel -- a crazy German man who makes projectile launchers that use rubber, such as an automatic repeater crossbow powered by an electric drill. Not entirely sure how that's related to anything, but his inventions are often amusingly over-the-top.
    Last Week Tonight -- because apparently the USA is a worse dystopia than most fictional ones.
    Rocket Jump -- a studio who make made short films, usually with action themes, often humorous. Unfortunately, the channel is mostly dead now, as the team behind it moved on to other projects. (example)

    I'm sure I've rambled/ranted at length about it before, but I'd also like to see a "Steam for films", or rather, a "Gog for films" - specifically one that is like what has happened with music - where you can buy the films, download the DRM-free files, and keep them forever.
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    And that's what I was aluding to as well. A place with every movie and tv show ever released. You purchase it, then its yours to own DRM free forever in digital form.

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    Yeah I know. Was just saying what I'd like most for their to be.

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