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Thread: Is there no more hints of walkthroughs?

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    Is there no more hints of walkthroughs?

    Could you please tell me if anyone will be starting again hints, loot lists or
    Walkthroughs?. Like ricebug used to do?

    There are new missions with not much help.


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    So far, no one has stepped into Ricebug's shoes concerning walkthrus for Thief 2. Unless this changes, FM players have to use the forums again when stuck, like in ancient times.

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    We have a taffer who named himself after Alex Jones? Ugh.

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    Removed all caps from the title, resisted the urge to correct the grammatical error.

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    There's Youtube walkthroughs, though written ones are easier obviously.
    Here's another site with a few dozen walkthroughs

    Quote Originally Posted by ZylonBane View Post
    We have a taffer who named himself after Alex Jones? Ugh.
    There's more than one Alex Jones on this planet I'm sure. Might even be the taffer's real name

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    The Ricebug walkthroughs were an absolute joy (thank you Terry if you are listening). We are back to using search or YouTube which is the way it used to be. I for one, give up on missions that have puzzles that are impossible to figure out for many of us. Terry’s walkthroughs made it easy to find the solution and finish the mission. I play FM’s in sequence and I am now beyond the Ricebug docs so I am back to search. Just means I have to do a little more work which is fine.

    The good news is we are still getting new missions although not at the pace or volume we have seen in the past. I do not look forward to the year where we have no new missions. Lucky most of us are not too old to remember all the gory details in Dromed!

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    If you are stuck, try asking for hints here with the spoiler tags?

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    Why not start writing them yourself? I was pretty much a newbie when I started writing walkthroughs because of that great FM Ominous Bequest - at the time the thread already had over 500 posts (21 pages) and it was hard work finding things out.

    See if you can find a co-author. Nightwalker and I wrote many walkthroughs together, and that worked well. One of us would produce the first draft and the other would play through following the instructions exactly, proof-reading and making suggestions when anything was slightly unclear or could have been done more efficiently. The agreed amended version went back to the originator who played through again, and so on.

    Another thing that will help is being a beta tester, because you really get to know a mission as it develops. Give it a try, it's a good experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ffox View Post
    Why not start writing them yourself?
    I'm not volunteering as I have too many projects on the go atm, including writing up to date lootlists for all the T2 missions, which will take another 2-3 years to complete (so far have done 200+ in 6 months), and you'll rapidly discover doing lootlists and walkthroughs is highly addictive as well as being huge fun, so yes someone give it a go, your efforts will be very much appreciated.

    Quote Originally Posted by ffox View Post
    It was hard work finding things out.
    Once you have learnt your way around Dromed, you can find solutions for 98% of what you need to work out, with just a couple of right clicks on your mouse. If anyone does take up this challenge I'll happily give advise on what you need to do, as will a number of authors.

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