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Thread: for gloria creep,thief related

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    also one final thing when people use < or > does that mean they all the same person?

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    if i get banned i will miss you all

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    My opinion from the other thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Azaran View Post
    Aside from their similar spelling conventions, they're completely different. Downwinder is a likeable poster, who doesn't resort to the kind of language and behaviour Thief_4 did
    And I wouldn't want downwinder banned. He's a delightfully eccentric character, and livens up the forums like no other

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    Ok, so since everybody is exposing his opinion, I will expose mine.

    @Downwinder : You will certainly not like this post but I will be honnest and such post could be unpleasant to read.
    I don't know this Thief_4 guy and maybe it's a coincidence that you registered a few times after he got banned.

    But even if I feel no hatred to your person, I'm like Skacky and many other people : fed up with you.

    As players and regular user, maybe you can be considerated as someone adding life in the forum but as a mapper, you are very annoying because of your redundant wishlist that you repeat everywhere and endless suggestion involving most of the time the Dewdrop doll like if it was supposed to be the most important thing of the franchise which is absolutely not the case for most of us.

    Everytime a mission is published, everytime you are commenting something about your hope to find Dewdrop and complaining if it's unreachable/untakable or even if it name is changed for scenario purpose and it's not like you were doing this one time or two, you are doing this all the time and always with this same weird english that makes you sometimes impossible to understand.

    See, we've got here many people who are not english speakers (I'm one of those) and we all try to write in a decent english to be understood by our readers because we respect them but you, you are an english speaker and you don't give a single effort to write properly, making your post unpleasant to read AND, as I said, redundant.

    You can point out Gloria Creep, but she's not posting everywhere her wishlist and ideas in an obsessing way. She just said a few times she loves DewDrop and nothing more.
    As for ZylonBane, he can post messages that will knock you down in the second but he never insulted people like you did, and at least, he's a contributor who knows Dark Engine pretty well.

    So here is the solutions Downwinder, type with a better english and stop spamming everywhere and everyday your wishlist, and everybody will be happy and won't bother you anymore. And of course, learn to control yourself when someone is complaining about seeing for the nth-time your annoying wishlist.

    Thank you for reading.

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    One last post here and I promise I'm done.

    I don't necessarily dislike you, downwinder, but let's say I didn't particularly enjoy you calling a contest organizer a, and I quote, "fucking moron" for trying to keep the contest threads sane to read, because your undecipherable, inane diatribes and constant thread derailing attract the ire of other people who've told you repeatedly to stop, and yet you continue. I want none of this on these threads. Nobody would've cared about your obsession with dewdrop or some other things if you didn't remind everyone all the time.

    downwinder, you have to admit that's a really big coincidence that you registered exactly a day after Thief_4 got banned and that Thief_4 happened to write exactly in the same manner, use the exact same syntax and make the same grammar mistakes as you. I'm not talking similar patterns, I'm talking exact same patterns. I have never seen anyone else EVER use = like you do. Absolutely no one. And Thief_4 used that the same way you do. That's pretty troubling, don't you think? I also do not base my reasoning on just that, but there are several other things that make me pretty certain I'm right. The fact that both of you never put spaces after your commas, the fact that both of you cannot spell wasn't correctly (you both spell it wasent, pretty dead giveway), the fact that both of you *really* like dewdrop, and, wow, both your birthdays are on September 27th. What a coincidence that is.

    Nah. Sorry but you're not fooling me, downwinder. At All.
    You can stop pretending now.

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    "As for ZylonBane, he can post messages that will knock you down in the second but he never insulted people like you did, and at least, he's a contributor who knows Dark Engine pretty well"

    ^ that alone proves what i said so thank you firemage

    i will take my time when typing now,and use auto correct ,i can admit my grammar is terrible

    and for my joke part "if dewdrop is not the most important thing in thief universe then what is???" i am expecting a answer from such a skilled mapper as yourself

    and thank you for taking the time out of your busy life

    and you might be right zylon might be able to knock me down cause it seems like that is all he does from what i seen,so he should be good at it

    also i got a message maybe 1--2 months ago from i wont say who asking me if i was a troll ,kinda shocked me as i had no idea at the time where it came from but now hearing about some secret post about accusations about me,it became a bit more clear

    Ok i used auto spell on anything red lined beside names of others as those are always in red ,i try'd to use punctuation along with grammar so that is a check

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    That's it. I'm done. All these personal attacks have to stop! Cut it out or people will get banned and it won't necessarily be downwinder! If you don't want to read his posts then don't. Nobody is forcing you to. The majority of people here aren't complaining about any of this, just a vocal few. Leave the moderating up to the moderators and go about your own business.

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