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Thread: Jennifer Hrabota Lesser Art

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    Jennifer Hrabota Lesser Art

    Does anyone remember Jennifer Hrabota Lesser? She's been the cutscene artist for Thief 2: The Metal Age and also helped with Thief: The Dark Project a bit. Apart from working in the video/tabletop games industry, she is also a painter. I decided to make a short video dedicated to her work:

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    wow i just noticed from what i see she always make one eye on aperson a bit off,maybe that is why truart has that lazy eye :P

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    Right on! I see this on her Instagram:

    And it reminded me of this old Thief concept art. I wonder if she made the concept?

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    She's a wife of Ryan Lesser, the one who created Shodan look in SS2.

    Both still work at Harmonix I think.

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