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Thread: weird bug

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    weird bug


    Im trying to play Ghost rules in a new playthrough of Thief Gold, im on the Assassins mission, and the servant that gives ramirez a tray of food alerts the moment he puts it down.

    I have not seen this NPC before in the mission, and had taken only 1 1st alert from the archer on the wall at the start of the mission, i managed to get down to the basement to ramirez and he ring the bell, the servant comes down and puts the tray on the mantle, and then he immediately jumps and screams. this happens even if im nowhere near them around the corner completely out of sight.

    whats up with this.. do i need to bust my run and knock him out?

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    vanilla, TFix or hdmod?

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    I must say I've had unexpected alarm alerts in Ramirez's mansion and the Hammer temple in TG, like the NPC's somehow catch wind of me through walls, or become aware that I stole something at a distance. My Thief Gold is Tfixed

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    I have tfix and hdmod

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    hdmod bug, -1710 needs physics removed - you didn't apply the hdmod fix patch after installing hdmod. it's in the TFix topic, get it, apply it, restart the level and all will be good. //actually, I think just loading a save before the servant drops the tray and causes an alarm is probably enough.
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