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Thread: We Happy Few

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    We Happy Few

    This came out over of the last few days. Has anyone played it and got any thoughts to share? Cheers.

    Since it was in Early Access, Microsoft and Gearbox have pumped money into the game to make it far more into a cinematic storytelling experience that would appeal to normies who liked BioShock; and far less of a hardcore survival sandbox game that appeals to hardcore PC gamers with mental illnesses. They replaced the hunger meter because those are shit and unrealistic.
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    I'm actually interested in this as well. Eurogamer's review wasn't wholly positive, but their descriptions of the world and writing made me think I might like it. Procedural generation is a bit of a turn-off, though. For all Bioshock's flaws, its world was meticulously crafted, and exploring the nooks and crannies was the best part of the game.

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    They're saying it's buggy as hell.

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